FORCEREPUBLIK is the new artisanal urban menswear label for the modern man who recognizes and appreciates quality.
Upon the first touch one would understand that this is done out of the love for clothing and less with a mass commercial idea. Although being founded in 2016, by Tony Cohen, Edward de Jonge Urbach and Sunnery James, the brand is looking to be one of the leading artisanal menswear labels on the market.
The journey of FORCEREPUBLIK started in the land of the rising sun, Japan, where the FORCEREPUBLIK team found old traditional machines whom made the most unusual blends in fabrics. Giving it a total new approach to the level of urban luxury streetwear.
The company’s mission is to create market desirable products, which are a combination of travel wear and performance, through innovation and unique, unmatched fabrics and design.
The aim is to have a luxury urban collection in strategic stores worldwide. Our partners recognize the uniqueness we have in our collections and believe in the influence Sunnery has.
Aim for excellence in all our disciplines and being innovative in the way we present and produce our collections are priorities that reflect on the fundamental values of the brand.