Welcome to the Kokoverse. 

Kokolishi Was created on a small island called Curacao located in the Dutch Caribbean. Kokolishi means Shell in Curacao's native language Papiamentu.  

Process & Connection during creation is everything, which represents the Kokolishi for us. Our emblem is inspired by the Golden ratio aka Divine proportion.  

Starting Small & spiraling upwards in its perfect timing, proportion & right connections with a unique pureness is key.  

All Kokolishi products are Illustrated & designed by hand and inspired by our love for our Island and people.  

We truly believe every one of you is worthy in such a unique way. Connecting people through our products, building this community where you represent unity but also love, connection, strength & YOU.  

When the Kokolishi Family comes together, whether it's online, or at an event it's always such a magical moment. Meeting each other for the first time but already know we belong. 

Togetherness is everything, we call it the Koko Family.