Memories in reverse

A great scent can take you somewhere in an instant. Even to places you’ve never been to. It’s so strong, to feel the emotion of a nostalgic memory of something that is yet to happen. That’s our aim. Creating emotions that are yours to fill. Memories in reverse. 

The power of scent is more complex than relying on sight or sound. Your eyes and ears can fool you. But scent transports you. Our fragrances are an exploration of collective memories we share through scent. Each fragrance is a portable signature, a choice that creates memories. Memories that become iconic.

We are three friends that share the same memory. The memory of a character that was inspired by his fragrance. We could never fully explain this memory in words or sound, but we all recall it exactly as it was through his iconic fragrance.

This fascination for a character defined by his mannerisms, his style and the way he lived is what inspired us to create a fragrance collection that would go beyond pleasant compositions. We set out to create bold scents that would inspire unforgettable memories of their own. Fragrance as a lifestyle.

We set out to create a line of unisex fragrances inspired by nature but driven by technology. Simple compositions that adapt to any skin and have nothing to hide. As transparent as our refillable bottle. The result is a smart collection of modular fragrance solutions adapted to fast-paced city life.