SCHUELLER DE WAAL equals fashion designduo Philipp Schueller and Rens de Waal. The label creates fashion statements and capsule collections in which they express their belief in Fashion as Therapy. With their work and collaborations the designers aspire to develop different perspectives on fashion which allow for a refreshed optimism in creation and that catalyse change.

SCHUELLER DE WAAL sees “creation” as the power force of fashion. Within their work they are looking to discover relevant ways of expressing this intrinsic fascination in a time where fashion needs to be re-envisioned. Infused with an effortless humorous approach SCHUELLER DE WAAL present serious fashion, not so serious.

With their collections SCHUELLER DE WAAL investigates relevant alternatives of building a collection, leaving the traditional idea of a full wardrobe collection behind. For example the idea of ‘one product for one season’ expresses their desire to give a specific design timeless value and build a diverse range over a much longer timeframe. All products are produced locally in the Netherlands and fabrics are mainly sourced from Italian dead stock.

The SCHUELLER DE WAAL products originate from an eclectic pool of inspiration, intricately combined into a bold aesthetic. A subtle estrangement of classic clothing references, distortion of proportion and reinterpretation of design elements enriches the optimistic garments. Fanatic refinement for construction and finishing of the pieces, is key. Unaccustomed colours are applied in a pristine but slightly mismatching manner and teamed with a quirky mix of print and texture. 

Photography: Lonneke van der Palen