Stephan Siepermann graduated at the design academy Eindhoven in 2005. 

He started his studio in Utrecht where he creates material concepts, furniture objects and interior products. He is very interested in manufacturing and always tries to find new ways to construct or to use materials and techniques differently to achieve new skins, new forms or new functionality.

Siepermann often adds an extra layer of use, humor or social engagement in his creations. sometimes he does that by contradiction in the used materials, the form itself or its function and sometimes by clever or unusual combinations of one or more of these components, although the starting point of his work is always to try to serve its user. almost all products are handcrafted in his own workshop and therefore unique pieces of labor. 

Over a short period of time Stephan Siepermann created a complete collection of interior products which he exposes and sells internationally.

Furthermore he works on interior projects for hotels, restaurants, shops and private clients.