Studio Thier&vanDaalen a design studio based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands since mid 2011.

Ruben en Iris share their fascination of colours, structures and the transience of nature and translate this in a simple and almost minimalistic form language. The handwriting of Studio Thier&vanDaalen is spacious and has a poetic character. They create new interior objects which are in relationship with their environment. Through light, colour and reflection, sleek and transparent designs arise. In their designs they strive to a high level of aesthetics and functionality.

Ruben and Iris are constantly developing new applications and searching for new techniques to use in their interior objects. As well they love to work together with traditional craftsmanships, each with their own specialization, which they apply in their own way. Their project; Round Square is a good example of this.

The studio is constantly challenging itself and the people they work with. With their main goal to ‘surprise’ people over and over again.

Iris van Daalen and Ruben Thier both graduated in 2010 at the Design Academy Eindhoven.