Tecán is the fusion of two words: tequila and bacán. The first word speaks for itself. As for bacán, it’s a term used to describe a pleasant and alluring person; people characterized by their flair and confidence. They are the embodiment of having fun and enjoying life.

Everybody knows a "bacán", and can be one themselves. Tecán is meant to inspire people to enjoy life and not take it too seriously. Just like when a "bacán" person walks into a room and elevates the energy, putting a bottle of Tecán on the table should excite everyone in its vicinity.

We founded Tecán as tequila lovers to make our friends enthusiastic about high-quality tequila. In The Netherlands, tequila is a product that unfortunately has a negative association (mostly due to mixes). To convince the Dutch consumer of tequila's beauty and improve their perception of our favorite spirit, we launched Tecán, a soft reposado that is easy to drink.

We wanted the focus to be on the content of the bottle, and the liquor, hence the minimalistic design. No sombreros, no skulls, no label, just Tecán.

What sets Tecán apart from other reposados/tequilas is the lengthy fermentation process (50 hours instead of 12-14) which gives it the characteristic body and soft taste. Tecán is rested on American White Oak barrels for eight months.