VINOOS BY AMS creates edible wine as Real WINE Gums, literally! A totally new and exclusive Dutch Design inspired by wine, art, storytelling and social responsibility. Available are a white Chardonnay, a Rosé wine and a red Merlot. Not a candy for children, but an adult luxury happiness for the extraordinary market.

The concept was started in the world of design. One of the founders developed it at the Academy of Arts in Amsterdam. The Real WINE Gum reflects the role of wine, captured in a tiny gift box. Delivering an experience, inviting people to talk and being together. These days we pay too little attention to spending quality time with family and friends. VINOOS by AMS calls this: WE-Time. The essential role of wine is connecting people to communicate. It delivers an experience of all

the senses. Wine connects. People are busy and loose their curiosity for each other. This is one of the points of ‘criticism’ The Real WINE Gum tries to reflect to the world. This design tries to re-connect people by packing a dialogue in beautiful little gift packages.

The founders are two talented financial and creative women who share a passion for wine and believe in the importance of brand experience by innovative concepts. Today, wine is hip and a trendy experience for people and customers. Successful branding means delivering an experience that feels both complete and consistent.

This concept has it all.