All About Photographer Annelies Damen

Annelies Damen is a photographer on the go.
We started our interview while she was sitting on the plane to Nice, France
and ended the interview while she was in the car.

When she was young, she always wanted to be a businesswoman. After high
school, she studied at Nyenrode and entered the business world, just like she
thought she wanted to. But after a while, she realized that a 9 to 5 job wasn’t
her dream and that there should be more to her life. Twenty years ago, after
selling everything and quitting her job, she decided to travel for a year through
Africa. After getting a little bit tired of the continuous traveling, she decided to
stop for two weeks on the island of Lamu in Kenya. She fell in love with the
place and it has been a source of inspiration for her ever since.

During her travels, she discovered her passion for photography, and it was a
huge turning point in her life. Damen mainly photographs women around the
world, powerful women. They inspire her because she believes that if a women
can achieve and build up something in a remote village in Africa, where the
culture still sees women inferior to men, they need to be extra strong, driven
and willing, and this will result in them having a powerful story to tell.

The exhibition at X BANK is called “Longing for Lamu”, featuring her latest work
made during her past three travels to Lamu. Even though her specialty is to capture
women, in this series she has chosen to integrate the culture and the architecture
of Lamu to show the world the beauty and the power of the place that has always
enchanted her. The series hanging at X BANK is just the beginning of a bigger
project that will probably become a book.

Annelies chose to exhibit at X BANK because it is her favorite concept-store in
Amsterdam; she always finds something new and gets inspired by the Dutch talent
on display.

See her exhition at X BANK now until 16 October.