'De Maandag Wasdag' collection by Tess van Zalinge

'De Maandag Wasdag' collection by Tess van Zalinge

X BANK is proud to present ‘De Maandag Wasdag’ collection by Tess van Zalinge.
Her collections are built around her love for crafts, nature and folklore.
By creating the illusion of white organic undies hanging in the fields to dry on
a typical Monday afternoon, she tried to get as Dutch as possible.
In our opinion, she succeeded!

Tess combined Dutch heritage with various forms of craftmanship and the whole collection is handmade in a sustainable and honest way. The signature of Tess van Zalinge is breaking the status quo without losing its essence by creating a clash between functionality and sensuality. She truly mastered Dutch craft in the year 2018.The collection has been showed in the Dutch Costume Museum last May and Tess used different crafts as printing, knitting and embroideries to complete the collection. She also combined different kinds of fabrics.

She used light wool and silk and contrasted that with fabrics such as, recycled plastic and glassware. The layering of the different materials, together with serene faded landscapes formed the colour palette of the collection. Tess graduated in the year 2012 from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute by showing her first collection. Her latest collection ‘De Maandag Wasdag’ will be launched to the public and for sale at X BANK, at the 14th of September.

Come join us on Friday September 14th at 17:30 for the festive launch of this beautiful and nostalgic collection at X BANK.
Check out our facebook event for more information.

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