Exhibition by Maarten Vrolijk

Exhibition by Maarten Vrolijk

On Thursday the 11th of January, we celebrated our
latest exhibition 'SAKURA' - Blooming Treasures by Maarten Vrolijk. 
The retrospective exhibition
showcases his stunning
colourful glass sculptures, oil paintings and drawings.

The Amsterdam-based artist and designer considers it important to elaborate on the simple, unequivocal nature of a product. 
His art language is so unusual because it consciously plays with shapes, colours and materials
in an uncontrived way; they should also make people’s everyday lives that bit more beautiful through the many little
details that evoke the unexpected.

The exhibition consists of a combination of glass sculptures, oil paintings and drawings that all are
inspired by his lifelong fascination for nature and what everybody else seems to call ‘every day things’.

“What grips me is not so much imitation of the real world. I am on a quest for the fresh image,
the place where fascination becomes something visible and the design
gains more worth from adding something to what already exists,” says Vrolijk.
Many of his works has been collected and exhibited in several
renowned international museums including the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam,
the Museum of Modern Art, New York and the Groninger Museum.


All works are on show and for sale at X BANK till the 11th of March 2018.
Check out all the opening event images here.

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