On Thursday the 15th of March, we celebrated our
latest exhibition 'Make it Gold' by Michiel Vertraten.
The exhibition showcases his
stunning gold leaf paintings and sculptures

Life, happiness and beauty are the internally related themes that arc Verstraten’s universe, the philosophical backdrop for his works of art, which we use to understand his creations. It is in this realm that the artist makes a visual statement about society, using gold leaf as a power symbol for immaculate beauty. Decorative in a sense, much like the use of gold leaf in ancient temples, but in a more bold and cheeky way, fitting to the overheated state of affairs in modern society.

The exhibition consists of different art pieces who are part of the puzzle that reflect the personality and beliefs of the artist. One unique piece of art will never explain the world, but it gives the illusion that it will. Only if you can see the true beauty,  the world will explain itself.

All works are on show and for sale at X BANK till the 17th of May 2018.
Check out all the opening event images here.


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