Amsterdamned Girls

Amsterdamned Girls

On Friday the 23rd we opened our latest exhibition ‘Amsterdamned Girls’ at X BANK. This beautiful photo series by Sophie van der Perre captured 15 IT-Girls from Amsterdam in their most natural way, without fancy designers clothing, colourful instagram filters or photoshop.

'Amsterdamned Girls' by Sophie van de Perre 

All of these women are active in the Dutch creative industry; they’re actrices, models, bloggers, directors or working in fashion. They’re all confronted with current beauty standards, active on social media and earn a (part of their) living from their looks, whilst on the other hand being women who are perhaps insecure, just like the rest of us. These series captures the true personalities of these fifteen women, being in a safe and secure environment of their own homes. Surrounded by their childhood memories and a bedroom full of stories, secrets and confessions.  The series is a collaboration between MOAM & Sophie van der Perre. Martijn Nekoui and Sophie van der Perre have been friends for over ten years and this is their debut collaboration. With this series they want to capture the personalities of the girls, in a modern zeitgeist.

Opening 'Amsterdamned Girls' by Sophie van der Perre at X BANK 

Anna Nikbakht Nooshin | Anine Van Velzen | Bo Maerten | Chloé Leenheer | Claire Rose Cliteur | Emanuelle Vos| Emma Westenberg | Eva Bartels | Gaite Jansen | Lara Verheijden | Lize Korpershoek| Olivia Lonsdale | Stephanie Broek | Sophie Hardeman | Yokaw Pat | Yootha Wong Loi Sing

 Amsterdamned Girls is on show at X BANK till the 1st of July -

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