Get to Know GHYCZY

Get to Know GHYCZY

Get to Know GHYCZY Ahead of the
WallpaperSTORE* Pop-up

Founded by Peter Ghyczy in 1971, GHYCZY is a Dutch brand that specializes in producing furniture, lighting and interior objects.
We are thrilled to collaborate with them on WallpaperSTORE*, Wallpaper Magazine’s pop-up shop coming to X BANK from
12 September to 26 September. They will design the space of the pop-up shop’s first ever presence in the Netherlands.


To learn more about the culture of the GHYCZY brand, X BANK visited their Amsterdam offices. Their showroom
feels like multiple warm and well-designed living rooms. Every angle was a perfectly balanced combination of
GHYCZY items. Behind the showroom, you can find Peter Ghyczy’s designing room, a small space with a big
sketching table and big windows, the perfect place to unleash his creativity.


Underneath the showroom, Felix, the current owner of GHYCZY and youngest son of Peter Ghyczy, showed
us the atelier, where all the objects are carefully made by hand. GHYCZY is a brand that doesn’t work with
stock—every product is made at the moment of the order to avoid waste. We saw all different kinds of items
in the production process, all with a different backstory. Some of these items will be at WallpaperSTORE*
at X BANK.

After visiting the atelier ,Felix brought us to the foundry, one of the most prestigious of the Netherlands and
just around the corner of GHYCZY. We saw how the chandelier molds are made, soon to be available at

In the end, we visited Peter Gyczy’s home. It’s a wonderful little castle surrounded by a moat. We entered
the perfectly designed home and it felt like entering a very powerful fairytale. Every detail was carefully
thought out. It was a combination of classic antique items and a modern objects. You could feel the love
for the home. As a finishing touch, the house was filled with the smell of a just baked pie by Peter’s wife,
which we ate in the lovely garden.


While eating one of the best pies ever, we talked with the visionaire, designer and founder of GHYCZY,
Peter Ghyczy. Peter was born in 1940 in Budapest, Hungary, and moved at 16 years old to Germany
because of the Hungarian revolution. Experiencing the revolution made Peter see and appreciate the
world in a different way. Peter has a lot of respect and love for the world and the environment. This
combined with his lessons to be economical from the revolution make Peter Ghyczy a genius in using
the least amount of material as possible and in making only products that make sense and have a

In Germany, Peter studied architecture and specialized in construction engineering, the origin of his
trademark casting and clamping techniques. The combination of Peter Ghyczy’s minimalistic way of
thinking and excellent knowledge of construction complement each other and create the unique
GHYCZY feeling.

GHYCZY is all about individual products with a strong aura. The style combines Bauhaus minimalism,
exotic Art Deco and intricate details from Egyptian antiquity. Every single product is timeless and is
meant to be durable.

We can’t wait to see their final pop-up at X BANK
starting 12 September. See you there.