For INSIDE X BANK we ask our designers five questions
about their inspiration and of course Dutch art, fashion and design.
This time it’s Alexandra Frida's turn. 

Alexandra Frida's creative journey begins at a young age with the loving encouragement of her Grandmother to explore her creativity.
It was in the safe haven of her Grandmother’s house where Alexandra found herself immersed in her own creations.
These formed the first steps into creating ALEXANDRA FRIDA. 
Throughout her childhood Alexandra lived in Zaire, Nigeria, England and the Netherlands.
These colourful experiences, tastes and cultures have fuelled her imagination and are reflected in her work. 

Who is your favourite X BANK designer, and why? (besides yourself ofcourse)
Aari Bostroem and Bas Kosters!

Aari Bostroem because their designs are very beautiful, classic and of amazing quality. I am so proud of what they have achieved already in such little time as well as in such a competitive branch where at the moment the well-known international brands are ruling the market.
I did one of my internships with Bas Kosters and it was one of the most fun experiences I had in my school career. I love Bas his designs as well as him as a person. Someone with an amazing heart, someone who wants to make the world a happier and better place.

What does it mean for you as a designer to have your products/collection at X BANK?
X BANK was the first shop to stock my collection, which for a designer is a very special and exciting moment in their career.
I was very proud to be part of X BANK since their opening and very happy to still be part of their designers.

What is in your opinion typical for Dutch art, fashion and design?
Before I would have said a certain minimalism and sobriety perhaps but I think looking at what is going on now, I primarily say Talent, Humour, Innovation and no boundaries. I also find fashion and design very close to being art looking at for example at some of my favourite newcomers Das Leben am Haverkamp. I love their concept, pieces and humour!




How do you combine working as a designer with being a mom?
It’s definitely a challenge and getting used to but it’s an amazing adventure and I love it! I believe it has actually changed me as a person as well as a designer for the better. I can put things much better in perspective and found a certain peace inside which I believe only benefits my work so much more.

I am still looking for the perfect combination between motherhood and work and Lounes is now at an age he can still join me in my atelier.
I am very happy and lucky to have him with me each day and hope that I can keep it like this for as long as possible since I don’t want to miss any of the steps he takes.

How do you get inspired for a new collection?
Each time I start a project, piece of work, collection, etc. I choose a fairy-tale story. This can be one of the classics we all know such as Snow White or a mythical one such as ones about (forest) trolls or ancient stories from other cultures than my own. Within that story I then usually choose a character from the story and this is the core persona for who I design for. I re-read the story, start building a visual story (inspiration pictures, pieces fabrics, colour cards, etc.) about her and then start designing her perfect wardrobe.