For INSIDE X BANK, we ask one of our designers
5 questions to learn more about who they are and their work.
This time around we are proud
to present Hans van Bentem
whose unbridled imagination 
and energy inspires him to make
artwork after artwork.

After graduating in 1988 from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Hans van Bentem
(The Hague, 1965) was mainly a painter before he started to explore the art of sculpture and installations.
For his works, he searches all corners of the world, finding inspiration from everything around him.
He uses materials such as crystal, wood, porcelain, ceramics and bronze to make breath taking art
that is meant to evoke emotion and encourage romanticism.  

Who is your favourite X BANK designer, and why? (besides yourself of course)
I love the playful character of Maarten Baas and his works. The whole idea of design is that it should be useful - literally ‘designed’ and then executed for its purpose. He is also always questioning things, is it a chair? Yes, you can sit on it, but who cares, it’s Art?! But on the other hand,
it is totally design, because a simple sketch can painstakingly be manufactured by well-trained craftspeople into sculptural pieces.
I think the craftmanship adds a layer of value and purpose to the pure gestures and ideas that start it off - a symbiosis of mind and matter!”

What does it mean for you as a designer to have your products/collection at X BANK?
I like to place my work in different surroundings. For example, I like bringing it to a public space like Beurspassage Amsterdam to show to a larger audience but I also love more selected audiences such as at a museum or a gallery. Of course, I also love to show my work in a design store like X BANK, where different people can meet the work and boundaries can be broken!  

What in your opinion is typical for Dutch art, fashion and design?
For me Dutch art, fashion and design has a very fresh approach - it has the willingness to go deep into a subject. This is how Dutch designers are able to discover new and revolutionary ways to design and create!  

What is your favourite project you have worked on and why?

My favourite project is the one I have done in collaboration with Arno & Iris for the Beurspassage Amsterdam.
In this project, architecture and art are totally integrated. It was amazing how the client gave us the freedom to make a total work of art that included a mosaic ceiling, tiled walls, decorated mirrors, a terrazzo floor, gilded ‘bicycle’ chandeliers and stained-glass wall lights.
It was an artist’s dream to work on and now it is a favourite of the public.

What is your favourite material to work with and why?
I have lots of favourites but for now it is crystal because I am able to bring it to the highest & purest levels.