For INSIDE X BANK, we ask one our Dutch designers five
questions about their life and work. This edition features power
couple Henk and Louise Schiffmacher and their new jewellery
brand Loot by Schiffmacher.

Henk Schiffmacher is one of the most preeminent tattoo artists in the Netherlands,
and his clients include the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Herman Brood, Anouk and Lady Gaga.

Their first collection of jewellery was successfully launched on 3 September 2018 during
Trade Mart with help from Brigitte Brus and Marieke Deckers. Henk states about the
collection: “It came from twelve days of sweating in Bali with my wife, Louise, and working
closely with Brigitte and Marieke. Loot is a reference to pirates and booty. You can think of
Piet Hein and his silver fleet. Well, this is my silver fleet ...''. We connected with Henk to learn
more about his artistic process.

Who is your favourite X BANK designer and why? 
My favourite designer is Bas Koster, but the last time I was at X BANK, I loved
everything I saw.

What does it mean for you as a designer to have your products/collection
at X BANK?
It is a great honour to be represented and to be given a chance as a new designer.

What is, in your opinion, typical for Dutch art, fashion and design?
For me, typical Dutch art, fashion and design is fresh, forward, new and sometimes
also bold. But most importantly, it is always innovative.

You started the jewellery brand Loot By Schiffmacher this year. Where did
your motivation to start this new brand come from?
It came from our love for decoration in general. Tattoos are the so called “poor man’s
jewellery.” The last time I was in Morocco, I saw a woman who had tattooed a watch
around her arm. Things that are not accessible to them, they tattoo. It is about carrying
certain things with you that you need in life. For example, I think of a totem, family,
recognition and genealogy. Now we bring something to wear on top of these tattoos.

The inspiration for this collection came from our trip to Bali. I like to shop in the “old world.”
The line Loot by Schiffmacher fits exactly with that. We create our own style.

How does your experience as a tattoo artist influence your jewellery?
We are living by will and symbolism. To understand symbolism is to live a certain way
of life. We live this lifestyle. This has influenced me as tattoo artist, and it now also
influences our jewellery. So, it is a small step.