INSIDE X BANK - Marlous van der Toorn

INSIDE X BANK - Marlous van der Toorn

For Inside X BANK, we interviewed the amazing Marlous van der Toorn,
the owner of MVDT Collection and the creator of exclusive,
complementary pieces of jewellery. Her style: minimalistic with
new forms and shapes. We talked with her about her work.


Who is your favorite X BANK designer and why? (Besides yourself, of course.)
Bibi van der Velden is one of my favourites in jewellery design. She is inspiring! You’ll see her creativity, the techniques she uses,
different materials and humor in each of her unique pieces. Furthermore, she built a beautiful platform, Auverture, to support other
jewellery designers all over the world. I had the pleasure of joining her latest event and meeting her and her team. They were all very
welcoming, and it was a good atmosphere.

What does it mean for you as a designer to have your products/collection at X BANK?
It's an honor to have my jewellery presented in a beautiful shop like X BANK and to be displayed amongst other great Dutch brands.
Besides that, it's good to reach an international crowd who is interested in design. X BANK presents more interesting art pieces in addition
to commercial pieces.

What is, in your opinion, Dutch art, fashion and design?
I feel there is not really a definition of Dutch art, fashion, and design. We have some great designers in our small country. In my opinion,
Dutch design can shine brighter internationally, and I think we do.

Can you tell us about your journey to creating your own jewellery brand? 
I started my journey five years ago. I did a six-month sabbatical after I quit my job in fashion. A lack of a plan and an open mind were both
needed to start this journey. In Bali, Indonesia I learned the art and craftsmanship of jewellery-making from local artisans. After 20 lessons,
a small collection was ready for production. The logo was literally designed at the beach. I made packaging and did a photoshoot—the
basic ingredients to start a brand. Four-and-a-half years later, we are still in business and selling the collection at X BANK.

Your collections are created with antiquity in mind and are intended to age over time. Can you please elaborate?
I like to work with the pure metals of brass, silver and gold. All metals have their own quality and even health benefits. Brass and silver are
breathing metals and will oxidize over time. This is that vintage feel. The beautiful thing about those metals is that after years, you can polish
them and they will shine again. In my opinion, they are sustainable compared to gold plating. For centuries, brass was also used in interior
design, and in the last few years, it made a big comeback. Tom Dixon, for example, is a great fan of brass and uses the metal in a lot of designs.