For our new concept INSIDE X BANK
we ask Dutch designers five questions.
For this edition, we met up with Maxime Cartens,
founder of fashion brand Teym.

'After a lifelong – and eternally unsolved – quest for super functional, yet high-end classics without an astronomically
high price tag, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Under the creative supervision of Maxime Cartens 
we design products that are truly born out of need. With our three big pillars in mind – simplistic design, great quality
and honest production – we create your new favourites. One piece at a time, eventually leading to an impeccable
wardrobe.' Maxime started with finding the perfect parka, and has now launched the timeless laptop bag
and sweaters. Teym is a clothing brand that excels by its impeccable classics.

Who is your favorite X BANK designer, and why? (besides yourself of course)
I love the Copier collection vases the most. They’re proof that good design never goes out of style.
Teym is about classics, and the Copier vases have been classics for more than 50 years!

PS: Shop the crystal yellow vase by Copier in our online store.

What does it mean for you as a designer to have your products/collection at X BANK?
It’s wonderful to be showcased alongside so many other Dutch talents.
It’s great for people who are interested in Dutch Design to learn about Teym and hear our story, as well as seeing
our products in the context of dutch fashion and art displayed at X BANK.

What is in your opinion typical for Dutch art, fashion and design?
Dutch fashion is typically wearable and practical.
With Teym I wanted to continue in this tradition, but combine it with luxury Italian materials
and elevate the practical to something really special.

What is the best tip you’ve received when you started your own business?
Believe in your products. It’s so important to really stand behind your ideas,
because working so hard for something you don’t believe in will wear you down and you won’t succeed.

What is your philosophy about designing per product in stead of collections?
When I started Teym, I wanted to find a place in the fashion industry without contributing to the massive waste, bad
labour practices and unsustainable practices the industry is known for. By making one item at a time we are able to be
hands on through the entire process from start to finish. It also means that each piece is created thoughtfully, so that
it is durable and will remain stylish for years to come. Because of this we don’t need to work with big collections, our
products are as good next season as they are now!


Teym is available in store and online at X BANK, for more information please visit