For INSIDE X BANK we ask designers
at X BANK five questions.
This time it’s Youngblood Jewelry’s turn.
We’ve asked Kim Jongbloed,
the founder and owner of Youngblood jewelry.

Youngblood Jewelry believes that jewelry is at its prettiest when simplicity is
combined with high quality materials. 
It is therefore that their bracelets and
rings are handcrafted from the finest sterling silver. 
With a small selection of
rings and bracelets Youngblood Jewelry covers all the essential needs for accessories,
aimed to please both men as women.

Who is your favorite X BANK designer, and why? (besides yourself of course)
My favorite designer is without a doubt the designer of the Sir Edmond Gin bottle. Apart from the fact that the bottle is designed by my girlfriend and I would most likely get in trouble for mentioning another designer I really love how the bottle is designed. You can see a very cool drawing on the inside of the bottle trough a hole in the label.The gin tastes great too, the vanilla reminds me of a famous  Dutch ice-cream called "split".

As silver and food are my two favorite things in life, I also love the ANOVI clamshell  cutlery. The only time I take off my rings is while eating with my hands. How cool is it that with these things you can still eat your clamshells in perfect style.

What does it mean for you as a designer to have your collection at X BANK?
X BANK provides a relaxed and familiar environment for clients to try out our silver jewelry collection. X BANK proudly tells the stories of the designers that they represent. When we look at a piece of jewelry that we made, we see the road it had to travel to become what is right now. We believe that by having our product at X BANK, surrounded by products of designers that we look up to and feel affiliated with, our story comes across clearer.   


What is in your opinion typical for Dutch art, fashion and design?
Dutch fashion and design, our jewelry definitely included, is marked by its simplicity. Furthermore, good Dutch design attaches great value to functionality, or quality in our case. Combining quality and simplicity, without compromising one of the two, automatically leads to a product that is esthetically beautiful.


Why did you decide to start Youngblood Jewelry?
It was never a concious choice to start Youngblood Jewelry. It started when I was trying to find Jewelry that I liked, simple and of good quality. With an air of class but without being overpriced and elitist. I decided to design three rings and one bracelet, the essentials so to say. Until this day, I still wear exactly those pieces. Over time, more and more people started asking me if I could get them jewelry. From that point on Youngblood Jewelry grew into what it is today.
Why did you choose to make Jewelry that is unisex, and how important is this for you?
The hype surrounding unisex is one that comes from a bigger and older generation adapting to a young generation that already had unisex as the standard. We did not choose to make jewelry that is unisex, we choose to make jewelry of which we think it is beautiful. Those who share our taste, will be interested in our product. It makes no sense to rule out one group or another.