Introducing Prints Without Borders

Introducing Prints Without Borders

Buy art and donate to Doctors Without Borders.

To help those affected by COVID-19, we joined forces with our sister brands of
Sir Hotels, Max Brown Hotels and Park Centraal Hotels to create Prints Without
Borders. Now you can buy exclusive prints by artists we've worked with, like
Maja Krstic, Sandra Keja Planken and Debbie Trouerbach and proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders. Scroll down to see
the limited-edition artworks.

"The butterfly" by Sandra Keja Planken


"...."by Debbie Trouerbach for Natan Collective

"We are one" by Maja Krstic - 

You can find her beautiful mural on our staircase. 

Choose your donation: 50, 75 or 100 euros.