Launch DENHAM x Montblanc Collaboration

Launch DENHAM x Montblanc Collaboration

Last Thursday, we hosted the launch party for the Denham x Montblanc
collaboration- a special-edition Meisterstuck pen. The two brands teamed up
as part of DENHAM’s10th anniversary celebration, and the goal of the
collaboration  is to celebrate craftsmanship and empower young creatives
to push their boundaries.

The pen was commemorated by a photography series shot by Paul Bellaart
that will be on display until 16 January 2019, and it features 10 young Dutch
creatives from the realms of design, writing, fashion and tattoo art using the
pen in their studios. In a time when younger generations are more likely to
use laptops and mobile phones than pens, these young creatives prefer the
traditional art of pen and paper in their artistic processes.

The artists include visual artist Alljan Moehamad; fashion designer Tess van
Zalinge and Pien Stieglitz; jewellery designer Bibi van der Velden; chef Jaimie
van Heije; tattoo artist Jorgos Karidas; artist Kat Klerks; TV host Geraldine
Kemper; film director Bobby Boermans and jeanmaker Jason Denham.

Paul Bellaart is a world-renowned fashion photographer whose work always
strongly echoes his Dutch roots. His photography is all about the enjoyment
of life in its purest form; it captures the essence of real and naïve beauty.
Real people, inspiring places and coincidental circumstances are his trusted
friends in the process of making pictures.

Come by X BANK to catch the photography exhibition before 16 January
2019. The exclusive pen will not be available for sale at X BANK.