Lichting is an initiative that brings together the 14 best graduates
of the seven leading Dutch fashion academies for a yearly catwalk
show, all with the aim of connecting this emerging talent with 750
of fashion’s important players: fashion journalists, influential
stylists, design managers and more. This year’s event will take
place this September in Amsterdam.

Here are our picks for the top four designers to watch:

“Space That Never Was” by Juris Efneris of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute
Using recycled materials and dead stock fabrics, Efneris created more than just an inspiring collection;
he has a message and encourages activation for a healthier fashion system. He explains: “This planet is
dying. The human race is killing it... If the earth dies, you die. If you die, the earth survives. Active
participation towards a healthy future is everyone’s duty.”

 Collection "Space That Never Was" by Juris Efneris, photo by ID Netherlands


“Screencatcher” by Iris van Wees of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute
Van Wees introduces exciting implementations and possibilities of 3D virtual design within the current
fashion system. “Screencatcher” is a world where people live with constant distractions of virtual
impulses, a world with endless variables.

Jody Rouwenhorst in one of Iris her creations


“Juvenile Oddity” by Vincent Wong of the Royal Academy of Art
Wong made a collection based on his reflection on how today’s technology shapes our lives. His clothes
changed the postures of the models in a unique and visual way, by using exaggerated silhouettes of
classic men’s clothing. To keep the collection balanced, he introduces flowing, shiny materials and dark

 Part of the Juvenile Oddity collection, photo by ID Netherlands


“Jack Saul” by Dylan Westerweel of the Artez Institute of the Arts
Westerwell was inspired by the Victorian rent boy’s beauty struggle. He views their sexuality as a
weapon and a tool, like the male equivalent of the femme fatale. He transmitted this feeling by
using soft seductive fabrics with embroidery, hand painting and 3D structures in florals and
anatomical hearts.

"Jack Saul" by Dylan Westerweel, photo by ID Netherlands


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