On Thursday April 19th we celebrated the launch
of LO Amsterdam, a luxury and 100% natural beauty brand.
During this event a series of three lip-balms were
presented through an explosion of colour, flavour and fun.

LO is a new lip care brand with a refreshing look at the beauty industry. Founder Rosa Polak had the ambition to make an all natural only the skin care, as well as a 100 % natural packaging. A unique strategy in the cosmetics world.
During, LO introduced three new flavours: BOMBA, TENGO and VOID. Every new taste is special in its own fashion. 

BOMBA is a rich, floral and luscious lip-balm which is a real nutrition bomb in a dark walnut wood packaging. With CO-2 extracts of red fruit such as raspberries and pomegranate. Packed with antioxidants that combat thin lines and activate collagen production. The addition of rose oil (Rosa Damascena) gives you a rich, luxurious feeling. 

TENGO is a lively balm, with a mix of mango, citrus fruits and papaya that work together to plump your lips. TENGO is in an equally exotic type of wood, called bubinga. The addition of calendula heals and stimulates blood flow to the lips. Moreover, this balm whipped, which makes for a super fluffy texture. So light on the lips. The sweet orange scent brings the summer a lot closer.

VOID leaves a subtle tint, but remains a care product in the base. VOID is full of purple fruits, and gives a voluptuous feeling to your lips. This balm is naturally coloured, without any kind of heavy metals. And that is special nowadays. In addition to the balm, the packaging also has a stylish color: deep purple padouk wood.

All three flavours are exclusively available at X BANK and online at lo.care.

Check out all the event images here.