For our first INSIDE X BANK of 2019,
we decided to interview one of our own.
We asked five questions to Nicolette Meijer,
the general manager of X BANK.

What is, in your opinion, typical of Dutch art, fashion and design?
To me, innovative thinking and boldness are typical of Dutch design and fashion. 
Dutch designers aren’t afraid to take risks and go for it! For example, look at Jelle Mastenbroek’s heavy, fragile installations that can still travel and sell all over 
the world. Also look at the family from Zeeland who "invent" mussel cutlery made 
of tin. There is no limit.

How would you explain the concept of X BANK? 
X BANK is THE place to go when you want to discover and see Dutch brands and designers. From famous to unknown, from very accessible to very exclusive items, everything is displayed equally.

How do you and your team decide if a designer or brand is a fit for X BANK?
For a brand or designer to fit in the X BANK collection, it has to offer something 
that is new, original and stylish. It also has to be commercial, interesting to both 
locals as travellers. Both are looking for new things and inspiration. Our travellers 
aren’t tourists but persons who have travelled all over the world and have already 
seen so much. They are interested in items they haven’t seen before, which is exactly 
what X BANK offers.

In your opinion, what aspects transform X BANK from just a store to the ideal place to shop?  
It’s definitely that even though the store has of a lot of square metres, we still only represent Dutch design. Also, our special location—the W Hotel. It is so amazing to see 
180 different Dutch designers all come together at one location. X BANK is the place where customers can meet the designers for special requests and where exclusive collaborations arise, like our collaboration with David Laport.

What can we expect from X BANK in 2019? 
You can expect many more amazing events, great collaborations and beautiful works
by new designers!