Exhibition by Casper Faassen

Exhibition by Casper Faassen

On Thursday the 26th of October, we celebrated our latest exhibition 'CHIAROSCURO' - Portraits by Casper Faassen. Together with Kahmann Gallery we are proud to present this new photographic series, inspired by the most famous Dutch Master of all: Rembrandt van Rijn.

 Last spring, Faassen was given the opportunity to temporarily work in the 17th century studio of Jacob van Swanenburg,
where 15-year-old Rembrandt van Rijn got his first painting lessons some 400 years ago.
The studio proved to be a tremendous source of inspiration for Faassen,
who, as a child, developed his passion for art after a visit to Rembrandt’s The Night Watch. Unsurprisingly,
the spirit of the Old Master found his way into Faassen’s new work: a series of beautifully crafted portraits, Rembrandt’s own favorite genre.

The works consist of transparent photographic layers that allow us to see the details photographed close to the glass,
while keeping the rest of the image at a distance - leaving it to the imagination. This technique is inspired by the method
of Rembrandt himself, who constructed his paintings with rough brush strokes,
only to strategically highlight some details with finer techniques, creating a sense of total control.

All works are on show and for sale at X BANK till the 8th of January 2018.

Event images online: https://goo.gl/JHPuLD