Exhibition by Annika Kappner

Exhibition by Annika Kappner

On Friday the 15th of September, we opened our latest exhibition: 'Synchronicity III' by Annika Kappner. For this exhibition, we asked online art platform Patty Morgan to present and curate one our their favourite artists. Synchronicity III is a series of five large scale paintings and a digital, browser based work created by Annika Kappner (Berlin, 1980).

For the opening, we transformed our high-tech event space The Vault to showcase the digital, browser-based work. 
The work becomes an immersive, interactive projection filling up The Vault entirely.

Annika Kappner investigates the perception of image in a world where the distinction between analogue and digital is fading away. The five large scale paintings of "Synchronicity III" recall the colour schemes of romantic and impressionist masterpieces as much as contemporary digital culture. The reflective surface of the paintings creates movements when light conditions and the motion of the viewer change. As a result, a still image is converted into a succession of ever-repeating moments, manipulating time and space.
Annika Kappner takes this principle even further when creating a browser-based, digital work based on the five paintings.
The never-ending visual experience of the glitch-like aesthetics now becomes interactive, starting a dialogue on selfconsciousness and the entertainment aspect of art consumption.

Online art platform Patty Morgan connects young, talented artists with art buyers. Over 500 artists have been accepted to the platform, selected by curators of top Dutch art institutes. All works presented are for sale at X BANK until the 17th of October and can be tried at home using Patty Morgan’s "TryBuy Service".

The exhibition ‘SYNCHRONICITY III’ is on show and for sale at X BANK till the 17th of October. For more images of the opening: