Photography by Jasper Abels

Photography by Jasper Abels

After his first solo exhibition at the Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam,
Jasper Abels decided to collaborate with X BANK
showcase a selection of his works at our concept store,
where they will be on show and for sale till the 10th of October.

The exhibition shows an overview of iconic and magical images that reflect the beauty of both people and nature.
Colours have always played an important role in Jasper’s work and are shown throughout the exhibition. With his works, Abels brings his photography to life by crossing the boundaries between art and fashion, by placing them in a different context.

Photographer and Art-Director Jasper Abels (1987, Tubbergen) started photography at an early age. After graduating at the Royal Academy of The Hague, he is now working for a wide range of international clients and fashion magazines. He has a strong personal vision and seeks out the boundaries by presenting and connecting his work in other ways with installations,
live-experiences and short film.

Growing up in the East of Holland, nature always inspired him. Heaven, earth, his love for animals and fairy tales play an important role in his work. His eye for detail and capturing the undefined kind of beauty is a big part of his work. Colourful, minimalistic and elegant, yet with a modern flair. His techniques have resulted in creating unique and highly recognizable images. Always looking to cross boundaries, his images reveal an authentic sense of beauty with an almost magical character.

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