After showing Stigerwoods at the local Sunday
Market in Westerpark Amsterdam, 
Martijn decided to broaden his horizon and to join forces with us.
At X BANK we showcase and sell a selection of his colourful works.

Martijn Smulders is the Amsterdam-based artitst and founder of StigerWoods. 
Stigerwoods is a company that makes “tiles” from a special material, namely wood. 
The exhibition shows an overview of Smulders's work that shows the beautiful "tiles" made of wood. 
All StigerWoods pieces are manually transferred photos on recycled pinewood by using an old hobby technique. 
The knots, cracks and veins of the wood remain visible, which give the work an authentic and rough character. 
Because the wood is sawn by hand no piece is straight or the same. All these imperfections play an important role in his work.

The surface of each wooden photo is finished off with a high gloss epoxy coating to create the effect of old ceramic tiles.
The combination of this shiny surface, simple strong images and a raw material creates a unique and lively art product.

All works are on display and for sale at X BANK till april 30th 

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