Pie Aerts, one of the world’s most promising
documentary photographers, is launching
his first book at X BANK.

We’re proud to announce that we are hosting the official launch party for Pie Aerts’s first book
titled Tales from the roads less traveled, published by MENDO.

After having his work featured in DepartStreets of New York and the upcoming Streets of London,
one would start to think Pie Aerts knows his way around a camera. He knows his way around the
world as well, capturing breathtaking nature and inspiring people with the two loves of his life: his
girlfriend Jessica and his camera. 

Now it’s time for a book of his own, and we’re extremely happy that MENDO is the one publishing it.
Get to know Aerts a little better right before he leaves on his next great adventure.



‘’Whether it’s a tribesman in a distant country or my neighbours back home in Amsterdam,
there are so many stories waiting to be told, and photography is my instrument to do so.’’


About Pie Aerts

After Aerts got his degree at Maastricht University, he started working for the largest food retail
company in the Netherlands. He worked in several commercial positions for six years, and
although it was hard work, it allowed him to travel the world as well. After being in charge of
the cheese and dairy business for years, he had to travel to factories and farmers all around
Europe. Weekdays were for work, but he always brought his camera to explore his surroundings
on the weekends. 

At that time, photography was just a creative outlet for him. He spent every single moment
outside of work shooting, and it slowly became a larger part of his life until it became too
much. Working close to 60 hours a week and spending every moment of his spare time on
photography resulted in a burnout, which he has only recently recovered from. He has been
quite restless and adventurous all his life, but his burnout forced him to reset both his body
and mind. It made him clearly see that photography was the path he should follow. He learned
that it is more important to meet your own expectations than those of others. Up until now, he
made decisions that would help him fit in society’s perfect picture, but now it’s time that he
follows his own heart and pursue his own dreams, even if that means quitting his job and
taking a big leap of faith.

Pie's work is on show at X BANK from 18 July until 31 July.