Read all about artist Victor de Bie 

On 17 September, we celebrated the opening of Victor de Bie’s exhibition at X BANK.
Get to know the backstory of the talented artist below from our conversation with him,
and catch his installation at our store before 15 October. 


Born in Gronigen, the Netherlands, with Belgian roots, Victor de Bie started his career in
fashion, and soon realized it wasn’t for him. He moved to Paris to reinvent
himself. At the time, he had the idea in his mind that in order to understand
yourself, you have to embrace your origins and be open to observations from
people who know you well. He started out in the art world, and it was there that
he found himself.

He comes from a long line of artists who worked for the Catholic church
or were inspired by Catholicism. His father broke with Catholicism after being
disappointed one too many times, which is how he was born and raised in
Gronigen, but the move to Groningen didn’t stop the family from visiting their
origins. His family frequently visited his grandmother in Antwerp, and each time,
he had a moment of understanding. He recognized himself, his way of thinking
and his interests in the design within the aura of the house. Not only were the
walls covered with art, but the house itself was filled with sculptures, often
representations of Jesus.

Because his father turned his back on Catholicism, he never raised his kids with
Catholicism. De Bie is convinced his education is based on the Catholic ground
rules without any extra meaning attached. For example, his father raised his
children with the ten commandments but never referred to them as the ten
commandments. Missing a Catholic education caused young Victor mixed
feelings towards the art in the house. A statue of Jesus impressed him, and
he felt it was more than just a statue of a man. It made him fantasize about life,
sometimes it even scared him. But he could never link the statue to Catholic
beliefs, because he simply wasn’t aware of the existence of it.

An example of Victors’s hidden Catholicism in his work is his obsession with
avoiding waste. Victor prefers making useful things over objects. For example,
he often translates his drawings and paintings into carpets. 

His masterpiece of useful objects is his table set, his goal was for viewers to
get the most out of it, from the design to the comfort. This piece was inspired
by his belief in the importance of the people who surround you and know you
well—the second factor fundamental to his self-actualization. The table represents
his home growing up, where he sat for dinner with his father, mother and three
siblings. There are six total chairs. The two chairs on the head of the table have
armrests that give you the feeling of being embraced, just like he felt with his
parents when he sat there with them. The four other chairs, each representing the
four children, don’t have armrests, just a backrest. This coupled with the mirrors
around you tell you exactly who you are, even though you don’t want to hear it. 

By starting to make more and more useful objects, de Bie is creating a Victor de
Bie world where you can enter and see all different sides of him. Victor de Bie
chose to exhibit his works at X BANK because feels in harmony with the Dutch
talent we represent, and we feel the exact same.

Don’t miss his works at our store before the exhibition ends the 15th of October.