X BANK Designers at the Amsterdam Light Festival

X BANK Designers at the Amsterdam Light Festival

The Amsterdam Light Festival is a yearly festival that happens between
November and December in which the city center of Amsterdam stands
(literally) in the spotlight. Artists from all over the world are asked to make
a light installations within the theme of the year. The 2019/2020 edition was
all about disruption—disruption in nature and the streetscape.

To honor the festival, X BANK gathered a group of designers and invited
them on the Sir Adam boat—a Waterdream Venetian Tender, designed
by Liran Wizman, owner of Sircle Collection and Prince Bernhard van Oranje
—to see the light installations across the city. We invited designers
Girl named Sue, Loes Vrij, Rocks on a Rope, Zenology, Leff Amsterdam,
Ghyczy, MVDT collection and Cathy de Graft of Annelies Damen

Our evening started at X BANK, where we gathered for drinks and bites.
Then came time to hop on the luxurious handcrafted boat, and we were
welcomed by the skipper with gorgeous bites and drinks.

This year, going with the theme of disruption, the festival had another route,
a fact which positively surprised the designers and made for a special experience.
The designers were most impressed by these three installations:



The festival described this work as: “At first sight, the artwork seems 
to portray a peaceful, almost magical scene, but Masamichi Shimada
attempts to portray how something as delicate as a butterfly can possess
such immense power.”


Nine luminous circles continuously rotate in and out of each other,
the largest of them having a diameter of 4 meters and the smallest
just 70 centimeters. Movement is key to the  seven-metre-high installation.



A visualization of an international metropolis plagued by floods and
other natural disasters from blockbuster films. With the sinking city, 
Atlantis, the artist demonstrates how this menacing scene can become a frightening reality.

Overall, it was a lovely evening full of insightful conversation and wonderful
connection, and we left feeling inspired to take on another year together.
Find their work in our store.  

See the aftermovie below