Eco candle Objects d'Amsterdam


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No.92 Objets d'Amsterdam, 70 grams

With their classic design, ambiance and warmth, our luxurious scented candles make you feel right at home. The 100% natural wax made from soy, rapeseed oil and beeswax burns and spreads the fragrance evenly.

Objets d'Amsterdam is our iconic fragrance; clear and subtly stimulating. Sparkling citrus notes and green tea create a fresh sensation, while the underlying amber and musk give the fragrance depth and warmth. Objets d'Amsterdam is a real no-nonsense fragrance, like the mentality in the city after which it is named.


Top: green tea, lemon, bergamot, orange
Heart: sage, lavender, rose petals, Japanese camellia
Base: musk, amber, vanilla, wood