Robert Peek - Wild Flowers 1

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We are proud to present our current exhibition 'Re-designing Nature' curated by Josephine de Fijter from Uncoated.

Robert Peek is a Dutch artist that recaptures natural dynamics.

By connecting natural phenomena with techniques of modern life he give us a minimalistic view on how nature really looks like. Inspired by Japanese masters he walks through the woods, that gives him in return inspiration to redefine the shapes and colors we perceive.

With an attempt to not let us forget how wonderful the details are of our natural surroundings he chooses a certain flower, plant or weeds to focus his attention towards. In his studio he optimizes the light and removes the distraction from our view.

His series ‘Wild Flowers’ are compiled of his collection of hand-picked weeds that were drying in the sun. As the sun interfered with the light shining on the weed. Peek took them home and let technology intervene to decipher the plant and its details.

Title: Wild Flowers 1
Artist: Robert Peek
Year: 2017

Print only: Fuji DPU C-Print
On view: Fuji DPU C-Print mounted on dibond and bonded on (matte) plexiglass

Size: 30 x 40 cm
Edition: 15
Available pieces: 15
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Other available sizes: 50 x 60 cm (edition 10/10 available, price €800,- incl. 21% VAT (excluding mounting and framing))

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