X BANK presents collections, events, and programs from fashion, design, and artistic talent. By providing a local and international platform for artists, designers, and creators, we present the new Dutch D.N.A — one that is local and global. A clear reflection of the current creative industry. The main objective is to supply the public with access to unique products and programming year-round.

 X BANK is the epicentre of Dutch design. The 700 m2 shopping experience in Amsterdam offers a broad variety of the most premium, upcoming and influential designers The Netherlands has to offer. The unique X BANK concept combines innovation with creativity and gives home to 180 Dutch labels. The space offers a broad mix of products, styles and prices attractive for both a local and international audience. X BANK is the next step in viable fashion, design, art, purchase and dialogue. X BANK is an active store, exhibition hall, installation gallery, and meeting point for anything and everything in cutting edge fashion, design, and art. X BANK’s foundation is based on the customer’s demand for innovation, interest in the purest representation, and growth in the original purchase.

 X BANK offers high-end design items to smaller local labels to present an inspirational assortment. The broad assortment varies from a to local jeans label Denham, shoes by United Nude and design items by the biggest Dutch designers such as Piet Hein Eek and Marcel Wanders. It is an important value for X BANK to provide a platform for new & upcoming talent, next to these established names. Besides being the creative accelerator between these two, X BANK designs exclusive collaborations as well. In 2016, their biggest collaboration was a semi-couture collection with Dutch designer Esther Dorhout Mees, who is famous for her bold shapes. The summer collaboration for 2017 is between X BANK and Amsterdam based fashion label Daily Paper, creating a swimwear line. The X BANK customers are worldly, well travelled and have a fine eye for unique goods, whilst also being interested in the story behind it. X BANK triggers that interest by always communicating the stories of all the products, designs and artwork at the store has to offer. An important value at X BANK is the level of communication with the customers, whether the purchase is big or small, X BANK aims to provide the feeling you’ve bought something valuable, unique and special.


The ground floor of the building is predominantly used as an Art Gallery and creative space. Throughout the year X BANK hosts small and large-scale exhibitions, lectures and gatherings that are open to the public. Functioning as an Art Gallery, X BANK works with a rotating program that provides a selection of new artwork every six weeks to eight weeks, to keep triggering the creative mind. The exhibitions vary from photo series to detailed charcoal artworks, to fashion installations. X BANK stands apart from the rest in its purpose and showcase. Its active and rotating programming is based on a vision where thought meets creation and creation meets invention. Reopening in the beginning of 2016, X BANK is situated in 700m2 of monumental significance, on Spuistraat 172. The building, the former Kas Bank, opened its doors in 1908 being the first concrete building in the city of Amsterdam. X BANK is building of functionality and detail in this monumental location, enhancing the natural history and wonder back into the public space. X BANK shares its monumental building with W Hotel Amsterdam, which created a complementary mix of forces. The W hotel Amsterdam houses its luxury spa in the old bank as well. Combining the concept store with a spa and a small lounge with a bar, brings a dimension of a luxurious get-away resort. A gem in the middle the Amsterdam metropolitan area. 


Europe Hotels Private Collection operates as the initiating platform for this exceptional venture, which had the vision to create a luxurious get-away resort in the middle of Amsterdam City. With this vision X BANK was created. Giving 700m2 back to the local community by offering a beautiful gem, that fits the beautiful city, representing all Dutch talent has to offer. Office Winhov serves as the building architect for X BANK and the interior is designed by Baranowitz Kronenberg Architecture.