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  • From 02/05/2017
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Anouk’s images are not illustrations to a story, but images that create the story. By drawing, she can create her imaginary world. An event that takes place in a parallel universe. A quest for the unusual, or just the ordinary, without knowing in advance where she’ll be going and what will come out. It leads to seeing everything as information and inspiration. She uses reality to tell, to make connections between subjects and landscapes that do not necessarily communicate with each other. Behind this strategy lies a desire to step into the drawing, or even disappear into it. A drawing does not lead to a solution, at least not as we would expect. She wants to create an image that makes things unclear.

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  • Pikaplant

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    Amsterdam-based start-up Pikaplant is about making plantkeeping so easy that anyone can grow healthy indoor plants. Plants are good for us. They reduce stress and have a positive effect on creativity and productivity. Pikaplant’s home ware and furniture products mimic nature to water your plants, so you don't have to. Pikaplant Jar is the plant that you never have to water. The adaptivity of plants is amazing. These hand-picked specimens are hermetically sealed inside a jar. Because they recycle all the water in their miniature biotope, you never have to water them. Jars are currently available at stores in The Netherlands, UK and Belgium.

  • Abouzahra

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    Mina Abouzahra, studied at the Wood and Furniture School in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
    In 2012 she started the interior label “Abouzahra”. Moroccan craft & Dutch design are are the most important influence in her designs. Born and raised in the Netherlands, daughter of Moroccan parents and balancing between two cultures she has been aware of the beauty from different worlds.
    Her curiosity and need to connect those worlds led her to the quest for the crafts, materials and colours, the symbol’s, rituals and stories. Her personal story are key leaders in her creations.It is all about: “here and there”, now ad then, new and the old, stylish and symbolic, handmade and industrial produced.
    Brand Abouzahra is an interior and furniture design brand where they bring together the best of different worlds.

  • Alex de Witte

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    Alex de Witte is fascinated by the universal value of beauty and how to influence that. “It is fascinating to me how people have an overall communal perception of beauty. Like scientific studies have proven over the years, symmetry, repetition, balance and harmony with nature affect people’s idea of perfectness. As a designer it is my quest to try to influence the phenomenon of beauty being found in the beholder’s eye. I aim to play with general perception of beauty and to open up peoples minds in that process.” Alex de Witte constantly forces his own perspective and consequently that of the beholder’s, by twisting the perception of shape and form. Alex is pushing the boundaries of catching the perfect moment in the process of a new work. Is it the so-called pregnant moment or the moment right after or even before, which shapes the perfect form? Exactly that playful balance in the process of each work is what he translates into the ‘initial moment of things’. Every time, Alex first determines strict boundaries within a new design process. After this realm is set considering these limitations, he is searching for the right symmetry and balance that will determine the final form of the new design.

  • Alix the Label

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    My name is Alix. I am all about no nonsense and luxury basics – but always with a dash of sassy and bold.
    For the chick with rock and roll DNA and a sense of chic, ready to kick some butt.
    You could pinpoint my brand as a selection of quality garments with just the right amount of je ne sais quoi. I am the type to wake up on a Sunday and pair my leopard dress with some clean white sneakers. While tomorrow night I might be on the roll with a pair of sky high heels and a fitted blazer.
    Easy to wear or dressed up, whatever tickles my fancy.

  • Amator

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    Eline grew up in Asker, Norway, a beautiful village surrounded by sea and hills. After finishing school in Norway she moved to Amsterdam to study Business Psychology. The name AMATØR is dedicated to my little brother Christian, in Norway, who is born with Down Syndrome.

    To the outside world he has his limitations, but in his own world, he has his own adventures to experience, things to love, games to play and lessons to learn. His determination is admirable and his optimism is something money could never buy. I can watch him drawing for hours. When we’re together we laugh at the funny faces we make and we laugh even harder at our clumsiness during walks around the lake. We’re not that different, we both have our imperfections and we both see the beauty in them. The beauty of being an AMATØR.

  • Amsterdam Bracelet

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    Meet The Stainless Steel Amsterdam Bracelet - an initiative of Amsterdam lovers.
    Nicolette van Dam (Dutch actress and TV host)
    Sarah Lingg (Jewelry designer)

    The ‘Gun Metal’ bracelet, with the cut out crosses, shows your love for our amazing city.
    The bracelet will be available in two sizes and is for both men and women.

    The legend of the three crosses in the ‘coat of arms’ is a part of the history of Amsterdam and is still the strong and well-known sign of this beautiful cosmopolitan city.

    Amsterdam with her 180 nationalities is famous for her freedom, and that's certainly what The Amsterdam Bracelet stands for.

    As an "Amsterdammer".. Show YOUR love for your city.
    As a visitor.. It is the best souvenir for your amazing memories of Amsterdam and ideal to bring home as a gift to your loved ones.

    Wherever you’re from.. You can wear The Amsterdam Bracelet with pride.
    As a buyer of the Amsterdam Bracelet you support Emma Children's Hospital in Amsterdam.

  • Anecdote

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    Anecdote is a Dutch ready-to-wear fashion brand, founded in 2009 by Jetteke van der Wyck – van Beuningen, as she felt the need for an authentic, timeless brand that is not focused on delivering fast fashion, but on offering women a sort of kinship; high quality pieces that would become those cherished items you end up wearing throughout the rest of your life.

    Every collection is based on her personal stories. Her inspi¬ration always expresses itself subtly in the Anecdote designs and can end up in a colour palette, a texture or an outline. You will find fragments of the story, anecdotes, as branding knitted through the collections.

  • A/N/G Cosmetics

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    A/N/G Cosmetics is a young Dutch beauty brand with a focus on creating easy and pure but also effective and state-of-the-art skincare solutions that enhances and strengthens your true beauty. All products are genuine skincare essentials, visibly acting on multiple skin concerns and made with only the best scientifically proven formulas and high quality nurturing ingredients.
    Brand owner and beauty entrepreneur Anouk Geurts created ANG Cosmetics from her personal need for innovative, down to earth skincare that truly achieves a healthier and more beautiful skin and so a more beautiful you. Anouk believes in a pure, honest and transparent approach; from the used ingredients and their efficaciousness to the brand’s claims and packaging. Only the purest and most effective skin nurturing formulas are good enough. It’s this unique combination of integrity, high quality and simplicity that sets ANG apart from other brands.
    With the Lift Up Eye Treatment A/N/G Cosmetics launches its ‘Essential N°1’; the first of a range of new cult beauty classics to watch. These pure collagen eye sheets smooth, sooth and rejuvenate the sensitive under eye area. In just 20 minutes the skin is refreshed, intensely hydrated en visibly more youthful. The perfect wake-up call for your eyes! The Lift Up Eye Treatment is free of parabens, perfume, colorants and silicones.

  • Anook Cleonne

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    What’s the proper way in which to personally say praise to very dear people? Anook asked herself. Her closest friends helped her to an unforgettable wedding. How to thank them in a suiting way? She came up with the lapel pin, she named: Je bent een kei (You’re a gem). It’s an exclusive, individually formed porcelain pebble, which is gold coated. It suits both unequalled men and women alike. As a consequence of many positive response on these pins, Anook exclusively makes these all pure gold glazed porcelain Rocks for X BANK. It takes a lot of steps to come to the final product, but so does the reason why you should give them to those dearest to you!

  • Anouk Griffioen

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    Anouk’s images are not illustrations to a story, but images that create the story. By drawing, she can create her imaginary world. An event that takes place in a parallel universe. A quest for the unusual, or just the ordinary, without knowing in advance where she’ll be going and what will come out. It leads to seeing everything as information and inspiration. She uses reality to tell, to make connections between subjects and landscapes that do not necessarily communicate with each other. Behind this strategy lies a desire to step into the drawing, or even disappear into it. A drawing does not lead to a solution, at least not as we would expect. She wants to create an image that makes things unclear.

  • Anovi

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    The designers Alex and Susanne den Hoed, living in the south of Holland, develop products from the ‘Zeeuwse’ cultuur. At X Bank we sell the mussel cutlery and the shellfish prickers, both products are made from pure tin and are made in the Netherlands. The cutlery is the ideal for a nice pot of mussels or another fishmeal, you can use them for whelks, snails, clams, winkles, crab and lobster.

  • Apriy

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    APRIY is an abbreviation of the second name fro the designer Frengky Apriyanto Tervoort. The brand was established in the summer of 2013 in Bali Indonesia. After his successful launch, he decided to make his high end menswear collection and accessory line available for European market as well. APRIY was launched January 2014 in Amsterdam the Netherlands.
    APRIY’s luxury wear and accessories combines the use of high-end skins and exclusive historical fabrics with the fine art of French tailoring and Italian craftsmanship in a refined contemporary style.
    The special cut, fresh design, and the use of unique fabrics struck a chord with a sophisticated clientele. With the knowledge of the exceptional Italian craftsmanship, the designer inspires the master craftsmen in Indonesia to compliment their expertise with the knowledge of the modern western art. Aside from the pleasure of supporting and working with like-minded, highly-skilled manufacturers in the region it allows Apriy to actually guarantee an impeccable quality and a fair production process throughout.

  • Arnout Meijer

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    With this lamp not the shade, not the foot, nor the construction, but the light is in the spotlight. Lamp Thanks for the Sun is made by our young friend industrial designer Arnout Meijer. Like us, he is thankful for the light; warmth and energy that golden ball up in the sky grants us.

    Two transparent half circles are engraved with a graphic pattern. Just like in the sun, light radiates from the center of the circle. But this color temperature changing led-light only shows where light meets a line. Makes you think of the rays of the sun, doesn’t it? Give yourself some sunshine, even if it’s winter.


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    BANANATIME refers to the moments when people take a break from work by doing something fun. It all started with two best friends living in Amsterdam. Naoyo was born and raised in Japan and Julia was born and raised in Canada. Both have lived abroad for a good part of their lives.

    Each having over 16 years experience in the clothing industry, they thought it was about time to work on a project together. Travel was an important factor in their work life so making the comforts of home time became just as important. They wanted products that were versatile enough to pack on a trip, something comfortable to relax at home or wear outside, and often the result was to borrow their boyfriend’s clothes. Not being able to find this kind of product out in the market, they launched BANANATIME in 2014. Let’s all have some BANANATIME in our life.

  • Barentsz

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    That friendly face crowned by curly white hair, is indeed Mirjam Hagoort, the graphic artist behind the original city scarves. She founded Barentsz Urban Fabric with urban designer Marjolein Peters, based on both their fascination for the graphic structure of a city map. But this story is not about them, it tells a more important story: yours. Each scarf comes with a set of pins that can hold your scarf in place just the way you put it. More important: the pins symbolise events, plans, memories or more and pin them to that special place. As a silent memory, to mark your roots, as a reminder of your plans and dreams or as a trophy of your travel. A pin is the eye catcher of your scarf. Wear Amsterdam around your neck and show your story.

  • Bas Kosters

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    From the common Dutch design values: optimism, no-nonsense, conceptual, functional, headstrong and a just-do-it mentality, Bas Kosters ticks every box. We love the guts of this non-conformist darling of fashion so much; we don’t only feature his fashion but also his art. The refurbished original army jackets are one of the best bearers of his signature of loud colours and prominent prints. Find these features in his brisk and bright-framed drawings, or treat yourself to a unique handmade Bas-button to show your inner arty enfant terrible.

  • Bas Vellekoop

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    With his designs, Bas Vellekoop (1985) strives for sustainable beauty and usability. His designs are timeless because of their directness, but they keep surprising because of the uncompromising eye for detail. The construction is usually exposed, forming a defining element of the aesthetics and the rest of the design. For the realisation of his designs, Vellekoop looks for local, highly specialized crafts men to whom the material doesn’t hold any secrets. Vellekoop challenges the craftsmen by daring them to explore the boundaries of their skills and of the material. That is why the production of his designs – the people and the machines – is always an inherent part of the designs themselves.

  • bé by Benine van Karnebeek 

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    Born in 1966 Bénine van Karnebeek starts her career at the stage of 24 as a lawyer specialising in maritime law. However, after 15 years she changes course and takes up art studies at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague focusing on graphic design. Bé launches a line of printed scarfs in 2013. Her versatile approach in designing includes sketching with pencils, using digital programs and adopting photographs. Nature, art, books and everyday experiences inspire her. Her scarfs are 100% Dutch design, created and printed in the Netherlands.

  • Bello Limoncello

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    Bello Limoncello is a drink for the highly ambitious. For those who want to be on top. For those aiming to touch the sky. Founded in 2011, Bello Limoncello is made with Italian machismo and Amsterdam bravoure: Bello is the Macho Liquor. Handpicked organic lemons, a blast more alcohol, a lot less sugar. Drink as a shot or mix it up with something you like.

  • Bibi van der Velden

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    Lovely Bibi van der Velden has been collecting remarkable antique objects throughout her life. She found the ultimate destination for these unique pieces, antiques and personal belongings in her Wearable Works of Art exclusive jewellery. Every piece arises from a creative journey that might have started with a vintage pocket watch, a family heirloom, kryptonite, or that 40,000-year-old Mammoth tooth.

    We love how she makes unusual blend of materials, but are thrilled by the technical treasures. Pick up one of her fine jewellery pieces and you can open it, twist the stone around, and marvel at how diamonds are used in extraordinary ways. That hanger’ll hang you up before you know it.

  • BLCK

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    Marjo Kranenborg, founder of BLCK and fashion stylist, has been wearing black
    everyday for over 25 years. “Being a stylist I have seen a lot of what fashion has to offer, the rapid tempo of changing trends, the rush for something new, the influencers and the followers. All the while the colour
    black has remained a steadfast and always relevant fashion constant, underlining and
    creating all the room for one’s personality and originality.”
    BLCK originated from Marjo’s life-long affection for black and sophisticated minimalism.
    Marjo has taken on the challenge of creating easy-to-wear luxury, resulting in iconic,
    season- and time-less designs with a focus on feminine cut, fit and comfort in European
    buttersoft glove quality Lamb leather. With minimizing the details, BLCK’s designs are pure
    and alluring, embracing a woman’s sensuality and confidence.

  • Booon

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    That blond guy with the bag around his shoulder? It is Koen Boon, wearing his Jackbag. Fed up with deciding every morning whether or not to bring a jacket, he designed and produced this jacket slash bag. If it’s hot, you’ll have a bag. If it’s not, you’ll wear the jacket, and still have storage behind the zipper on the top of your back. The Jackbag is made of a thin water repellent memory fabric which will keep its shape after unfolding. Koen is the son of popular interior and exterior designer Piet Boon and interior stylist Karin Meyn. While studying business economics in Amsterdam he discovered that innovation, fashion and entrepreneurship are his great passions, and founded Booon. If you ever wear a jacket tied around your hips, be advised: Jackbag looks much better on you.

  • Braez

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    I am Rene van Huffel, the creative founder and father of BRAEZ since 1998, and chasing my dream.
    Before that I was a constructor in real estate business, but I followed my heart.
    A dream to design easy wear clothing, which doesn’t only feel good and comfortable, but also looks fantastic on men and women.

    And I did!
    BRAEZ…a Dutch label with fashionable designs created with our own developed soft and beautiful materials. Clean, elegant, comfortable multi use for men and women.
    Great basics with zeitgeist and beautiful designs with fashionable edges, created with our own easy wear twist.

    BRAEZ is not just a fashion label, it is not a one day fly, it is a way of living.
    If you do what you love to do, you never have to work a day in your life again.

  • Butts & Shoulders

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    We started our ‘Butts and Shoulders’ brand two years ago. The brand is founded because we wanted to share as friends our passion about authenticity, craftsmanship and durable products which stands a lifetime. We don’t like mass productions, but we believe in slow fashion.
    With our ‘Butts and Shoulders’ brand we want to develop products which are unique and outstanding, something different than the rest. They are born because we couldn’t find them in the stores. That’s why we decided to make them by ourselves. With all our many years of experience in the fashion, footwear and lifestyle industry this was a natural step for us. Creating only the best of the best. No confession about quality, price point or whatever. To create the best and unique is our main goal.
    All of our ‘Butts and Shoulders’ products are made of 100% natural vegetable tanned leather. The moment you unpack our products, the unique age-ing process will start. By using it, touching it and even by exposing it to daylight the looks of our products will change. The more you will use it, the more beautiful it gets. Like a true friendship that will grow over time. The ‘Butts and Shoulders’ will be your buddy for the rest of your life. Our bags and accessories’ are made in Holland and our boots in Portugal. All made by hand in limited quantities. Always to serve you the best.


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    Meet Melanie Brown and her fashion label ByBrown, a high-end fashion label that stands for raw elegance and edgy tailoring. Strong constructed details make up the basic design, giving the clothes a minimalistic attitude with playful and colourful conceptual elements. Through their simplicity and perfect tailoring the clothes become iconic and timeless. Her most iconic item is the Raindress, integration of technology with form and fashion. When a woman puts the Raindress on she feels protected and empowered to ultimately make rain a positive thing… something worth dressing up for. Who can know better than Melanie, who was born and raised in British rain and moved to live under Amsterdam cloudy skies, where she founded ByBrown in June 2007. She co-founded ReBlend, the Dutch initiative which aims to produce yarns and fabrics by recycling textile waste, with no water usage and no chemicals. Melanie Brown designs her clothes for the strong, individual and conscious woman; the warrior woman. Choose your weapon now.

  • Cat Priem

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    Somewhere on the intersection of art and fashion lies the wondrous world of Cat Priem,

    Inspiration for Cat’s precious pieces may just as likely come from Mother Nature as from a
    collection of plastic toys. Her style is a flamboyant marriage of maximalism, organic shapes and
    smooth, slick lines. Cat's world of wonder is populated by cartoonish creatures whose
    aristocratic roots become apparent in the classical craftsmanship with which the pieces are
    made. Materials used are silver, gold, pearls and gemstones.
    Cat makes each piece by hand in her studio in Amsterdam.

  • Chasin’ Royal Attitude

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    We support new ideas in art, music & fashion. In our never-ending search for inspiration
    We came across the pinnacle of ‘form meets function’: the Royal Netherlands Navy. The Navy is the embodiment of our pay-off ‘We never stop’. Relentless training and perseverance are essential, combined with attitude. A Royal Attitude. We recycled old official navy uniforms from the Royal Netherlands Navy into a jeans fabric. To complement the collection, several tops were created with iconic Navy elements. These navy pieces have travelled the world. There are endless tales to tell, resulting in a waterfall of inspiration. It perfectly matches our ‘Let’s go anywhere’ mind-set.

  • Choco & Things

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    Choco & Things is here to conquer this brave new world. We combine simple ingredients, straight from nature, with unexpected, energizing visual languages that speak directly to the consumer and cues to our healthy uniqueness -slash- high-quality. Plus, we believe that high-quality chocolate can go hand in hand with reasonable prices.

    But wait – it gets better. Our chocolate is 100% organic, raw, vegan, dairy free, soy free and gluten free. OH yeah!

  • Chris Kabel

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    In 2011, Rotterdam-based designer Chris Kabel developed the hidden vases project for the Spanish The Plant Journal (now The Plant).This project started as a research on how to make a vase disappear, based on the way a chicken waterer works. The flowers are placed around the water container, so it seems like they are growing directly from the plate,” Chris Kabel explains. “I wanted it to appear invisible, but it became an autonomous object that maintains itself.” A small collection of one-off vases was produced, based on the initial research.” Metal, glass and ceramic form the framework to arrange flowers in.

  • City Cufflinks

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    Handcrafted design objects annex silver cufflinks depicting the famous Amsterdam canal houses. Designed by product and accessory designer Seroj de Graaf, famous for his eye for details.
    This contemporary and distinctive design with a twist has become an instant design classic after the launch. The Mayor of Amsterdam was the first to wear them. City Cufflinks® continues its journey by depicting also other world cities in silver. Each design captures the essence of a city creating new shapes and forms yet with certain design signatures such as the precisely-faceted top of each of the cufflinks. They are like miniature sculptures of cities. Where art meets design.

  • Claes Iversen

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    He’s our Queen Maxima’s favourite. Point. Exclamation mark! That says it all, but we’ll tell you a bit more. Our super stylish queen does not only wear his wardrobes to Dutch-Danish royal meetings, as Claes Iversen was born in Denmark. He’s her most chosen couturier, at royal, business and social situations. Claes is considered one of the most talented designers in the Netherlands.

    His collections are modern re-interpretations of classic women's garments without being a cliché. We worship his ultra feminine silhouette, and love the luxurious materials combined with a large dose of understated non-Dutch glamour. Come on, show the world how the queens clothes suit you.


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    More info coming soon...

  • Daily Paper

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    Our three friends from street couture label Daily paper have no education in fashion, but sure know their way around streetwear. We see how their authentic casual apparel considers quality, fine detailing and culture, inspired by their own African heritage blended with Dutch style. The Amsterdam based street couture label started as a lifestyle blog (‘can’t keep up with the news, but I get that Daily Paper’) of which the T-shirts got more attention than the content. So they went with the flow and designed a line that was worn by almost every dj in the world, and themselves.

  • Dapper Squares

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    Pocket squares are about distinguishing yourself. Setting yourself apart from the flock. Then
    why are all pocket squares the same old-fashioned things? That's why we created Dapper
    Squares: Squares for non-Squares. You no longer have to be a 60-year-old banker (or feel
    like one) to be able to wear a pocket square. Also younger, more creative and individualistic
    souls can now let their pockets speak for them. Our pocket squares feature unique designs,
    specifically designed for semi-concealment in chest pockets. They are hand-made, from the
    best natural materials.


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    DCEMBER is more than just another bag. It is a bag you can create, customize, and probably wear for a lifetime. Slow fashion in every way.
    DCEMBER has an affinity for warm natural materials with a personal patina. We seek a synthesis between durability, functionality, versatility and the sexiness of contemporary & timeless design. Running through the collection one finds the purity of Scandinavian design and the feminine refined touch of Italian sensibility. Fine Italian vegetable tanned leather, wooden elements and elegant but strong Italian canvas, are the signature material of the collection.

    Founded by Designer Florien Pénard and her husband Olivier Willaert. Florien, born in The Hague in the month of December - clearly the origin of the brand name, was in good hands at Kenzo and Dirk Bikkembergs, with experiences in Belgium, France and Italy.

  • Dead Clean

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    X Bank is located in the house of W Hotel, our loving mother. Hotel guests who fell in love with the complimentary toiletries, can now take that luxury hotel feeling home. Dead Clean skincare products are featured in all W Hotels. The Dead Clean line is based on the benefits of the resources from the Dead Sea, with high quality skincare that invigorates both body and mind as a result.

    This little part of the hotel in our store showcases hand wash, shampoos, conditioners and more in selected scents. Please do disturb us with any questions and do make yourself at hotel.


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    Credit RVDA
    Englishman Jason Denham cut his cloth in the workshop of Joe Casley-Hayford, a highly respected English designer renowned for combining sartorialism and anarchy. After 8 years working within the denim industry, he set up his own denim consultancy Clinic+ in Amsterdam, before founding the internationally respected premium jeans brand Blue Blood.
    At the beginning of 2008, after extensive travel around Europe, US and Japan, Jason was left with the feeling that the world of denim was starting to lose some of its rightful excitement. It was this feeling that led to the formation of the DENHAM label in 2008.
    “The DENHAM label is focused on balancing an intense commitment to progressive design against an equally obsessive respect for jeans craft tradition.”
    Jason Denham’s single-minded obsession with denim combined with his diligent attention to detail, is the primary inspiration for the brand. A philosophy that makes up DENHAM’s signature.
    Manifesting his “jeanmaker” ethic of honest craftsmanship multiplied by fearless experimentation and invention not only in every jean he creates, but in every garment in the line and every other aspect of the label.

  • Denham X Stieglitz

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    Amsterdam designer Pien Stieglitz represented the natural choice for a dedicated women’s collaboration. Stieglitz is a one-time member of the Denham team when the brand was being founded and has gone on to amass a passionate following among Amsterdam’s most style-conscious community. Her playful, breezy and sexy approach to both design and styling are founded in a love of exotic travel and foreign cultures so The Route to Blue City was right up her street. Together with Denham’s women design team she has created a special edition jacket, jeans and tee. At X BANK we sell the jacket!

    Stieglitz delighted in applying her own Gypset new-bohemian technique to denim including a modern take on scar-stitch detailing, embroidered graphics and complex basket-weave appliqué constructions. These additions sit naturally alongside Denham’s Route to Blue City collection, featuring other variations on Tear & Repair across both denim and tops categories.

  • Denise Roobol

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    In 2013 started the 'vegan' designer, after graduating at the Willem de Kooning academy, her own bag and accessory brand, made from high-tech imitation leather and represents an ultimate mix of functionality and design. The style is minimalistic, with a focus on practical use. Additionally, each bag has its own 'story' which can be found on a card in the bag. DENISE ROOBOL is a PETA-approved vegan brand.

  • Dirk Vander Kooij

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    Chubby and Endless Chair consist of one long plastic string. It was formed into a chair by a robot, positioning the line with great precision. We still remember the sight of this giant yellow arm, producing our chairs with great power and determination.

    Call it a rugged form of 3D printing. Dirk van der Kooij (or actually his robots) make these indestructible chairs from wasted refrigerators. The transparent lights are made of disposed of CD cases, like the welcome desk Dirk made especially for us on the ground floor. In the table you can still see the old toys and tapes. How a chef prepares a meal, Dirk and his bots cooked up the Melting Pot Table.

  • Donkey Bags

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    Fill up your Donkey bag like Mary Poppins would. They are fresh coloured, light weight, super spacious and strong bags. Originated from South America, all Donkeys have a unique personality. Donkey loves imperfections, as imperfections give character. Treat a Donkey well. Trim it from time to time, and take it with you wherever you go. It will stay by your side forever.

    As the Swahili proverb says: A (wo)man without a donkey is a donkey.

  • Dorhout Mees

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    We love how Esther Dorhout Mees connects body and material, constantly covering and uncovering the female body. After designing for Tommy Hilfiger and Bruuns Bazaar, she started her own label and this capsule collection for X Bank. It shows characteristic Dorhout Mees signatures: soft hues and total print. As it combines natural textiles like silk and wool with unconventional materials, organic shapes are in sharp contrast to constructual forms. “X Bank is a beautiful, creative and original platform. It’s inspiring to see this much Dutch talent in such a non-Dutch setting,” says Esther. Love you too! X Bank is the exclusive seller; so don’t leave unless you’re sure you can leave without.

  • Eijk Amsterdam

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    It is Jolanda’s ambition to make effortless statement shoes to shine during the day and night. To be seen on the feet of women everywhere. EIJK clients are fashion conscious women who enjoy life in the world’s greatest capitals. EIJK shoes can only be found only in stores with a high sense of fashion and a pronounced style.

    With a passion for traditional shoe making methods and quality, Jolanda only works with small-scale artisan shoemakers from the Marche region in Italy. These Italian craftsmen are devoted to producing products of only the highest quality.

    In addition to being educated as a fashion designer, Jolanda was also schooled as an artisan shoemaker. The EIJK look has been meticulously designed. Its unique 6cm high heel, the last, the fit, the specific details, and style are all characteristic of an authentic EIJK shoe.

    “You can only design and develop a good shoe if you have the knowledge and expertise of a shoe maker” – Jolanda van Eijk

  • Ellis Faas

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    Vogue Paris cited Ellis Faas as "one of the most influential make-up artists of her time". And indeed, she has worked with the world's most pre-eminent fashion designers, photographers, stylists, hairdressers and models. Ellis' work has been published on the covers of world's best-known fashion magazines. Additionally, Ellis has worked for make-up brands, such as Clinique, Lancôme and MAC Cosmetics - and she was asked by L'Oréal to create a make-up line for their skin care brand, Biotherm.

    In 1999 Ellis was discovered by the world famous photographer Mario Testing. Soon Ellis was travelling with Testino to Paris, London, New York and Los Angeles. Things snowballed even further when Ellis met French fashion editor Emmanuelle Alt, who introduced her to Karl Lagerfeld. All of a sudden, Ellis was managing an army of makeup artists and instructing them how to apply the make-up she had designer for Lagerfeld's shows for Fendi and Chanel. The rest, as they say, is history...

  • EST-1966

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    Take a close look. Those patterns are real life photography. We are proud to show you the products of Chantal Keizer (born in 1966). Chantal has been working as a successful graphic designer in the fashion industry and is known for her photographic works.

    Both disciplines are combined in her designs for EST-1966. “As pretty as a fresh flower or leaf can be, equally - if not more - pretty is the completely shriveled leaf,” says Chantal. The imperfection of the old is mixed with the fresh to make the textiles spring to life. Her personal archive holds more than 500 different flowers and plants. As all seasons pass, you’ll have to check in for new designs several times a year.

  • Eudia

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    Eudia is founded by milliner Evelien Gentis - Smit. Evelien combines her passion for hats with an eye for fashion. The exceptional and contemporary designs are all handcrafted and of the highest quality materials. Hats and fascinators coming out of the Eudia atelier have been seen on the catwalk at: Paris Couture Week, New York Fashion Week and Amsterdam Fashion Week.

    Whether for a special occasion or high street fashion, all Eudia hats and fascinators radiate elegancy and confidence. Eudia understands your hat needs be fashionable!

  • Feraggio

    See Images

    Juliette de Vries is the founder of FERAGGIO. She sells exactly one type of high heel, but available in 22 colours, in two heel heights (10cm and 7.5cm) and comfortable enough to wear all day.
    Frustrated with never finding the same heel in different colours, never finding the perfect heel for all occasions or the same heel in different heel heights, I created a new shoe concept- Feraggio. The perfect suede heel, never out of stock and always available.
    Stand taller, walk longer and be fabulous

  • First of August

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    Young, blond and smart Karlijn Boersma is a Bachelor in Fashion & Branding and a Master in Sociology. Her company First of August started as a blog combining both, evolved into a platform for young intellectuals to connect fashion to sociological insights and a fashion label in one. Because to Karlijn fashion isn’t just a product; fashion is mixing and connecting our social life. Her Amsterdam-based fashion brand shows a subtle blend between elegance and ease. Working with unique fabrics and an artisanal production process, each piece offers timeless style beloved by both fashionistas and intellectuals. Which one are you?

  • Frends

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    FRENDS was founded on the simple idea that there is no "I" in FRENDS, a mindset of living life to the fullest, daring to dream, and inspiring others with like-minded people. It's not easy but few things that you love in life are. If I win, you win and vice versa. Or if I don't win for awhile-- then cool, you better be winning:)

  • Friseau

    See Images

    FRISEAU (pronounced: free-só) is an exploration of artisanal traditions and innovations. At the core of the collection is a curated shoe wardrobe with refined casual footwear made with quality construction and materials. The shoes are designed with the philosophy of discretion, quality, and craftsmanship. On the tongue of the shoes the manifest: Manu Facta (made by hand), pays homage to the craftsman.

    The self-educated founder and designer started in 2009 and is inspired by the heartbeat of the historic centre of the city. The brands logo consists of two crossed arrows in ‘Empire-Style’, that can be found as a decorative elements on many historic buildings along the canals. All products are designed in Amsterdam and made by ateliers in Spain, Portugal and Italy.

  • Fromanteel

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    After their first big successes from a workshop on the Dam Square in Amsterdam, the clockmakers family Fromanteel decided in the 17th century to expand their company across the border. Ahasuerus Fromanteel opened a workshop in London. Later on, one of his sons followed his footsteps in Newcastle. Their entrepreneurial spirit and the ambition to discover new things proved to be the ideal breeding ground for the great successes that the family was going to achieve.

    In the 17th century, Fromanteel was one of the first clockmakers who made pendulum clocks. Today, 400 years later, Fromanteel primarily focuses on making quality watches with a similar eye for detail and style as it did in the past.

    Fromanteel distinguishes itself by innovating in subdued 'Swiss Made' designs that are very affordable. A successful design choice that is well received by its target audience: men with an affinity for non-ostentatious luxury. The brand believes that the past affects what takes place in the present and is inspired by tradition, ambition and craftsmanship.

  • G-Star RAW Elwood

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    Pharrell Williams presents his first collection consisting of the iconic G-Star RAW Elwood jeans in
    25 colourful prints ranging from checks, camouflages and traditional patterns from all over the world,
    developed to break the traditional codes of style and allow you to decide what you wear,
    without context and without rules. All carefully selected by Pharrell himself.
    The 5622 G-Star Elwood embodies the fundamentals of G-Star design: Built on the original 3D Denim design, the G-Star Elwood Expresses via 25 original prints inspired by a catalog of traditional patters, checks and camo’s. These 25 individual pieces are launched and sold together, all at once, to provide our audience
    a freedom of choice.

  • Gerard Prent

    See Images

    Gerard Prent is a rare artist, devoted to the essentials: paint and brush. Master Calligrapher, Kazuaki Tanahashi, asks, "Does the brush have a heart?" And these paintings answer, yes. Prent's singular concern for the paint as subject is evidenced through playful suggestion, veiled miniature realms, and surprise revelations created by his brush. All embody his spirit on canvas. Viewer beware: you may also be held captive by the spirit of this brush, transported into a world that continues to give birth; a world bright, tactile, sublime, lush, vulnerable, sensual, like bees in their honey hive, the work says, yes! Life!

  • Girl Named Sue

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    At “Girl named Sue” you’ll find the genuine Goldleaf mantra bracelets. In many cultures a golden ring is a token off endless love and unity. The Goldleaf bracelets from Girl named Sue find their origin with Asian monks, they are blessed in the temple and closed with a mantra. Except for the fact that the mantra bracelets look beautiful, are waterproof and light they also have a powerful symbolic value. The perfect gift for all your loved ones, man, womanor child. We like people to connect and share the love and unity that they feel for each other. This connection is made visible by sharing and wearing the genuine Girl named Sue mantra bracelets. Girl named Sue is founded in 2010 by Wilmasue van Pomeren; she’s a stylist who works in the Amsterdam area.


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    Rob van Dusseldorp is the founder of GLADDERR, a new and unique Dutch Shaving brand.
    In 2014 Rob decided it was time for a drastic career change. Until than Rob has worked as a chartered accountant for 30 years. Stating his career at PWC, followed by Getronics and KPN. After working in hard core finance for a long time, in 2014 Rob followed his entrepreneurial dream and started the GLADDERR company.
    GLADDERR is a brand new label that turns shaving handles into bathroom jewels! After a busy day there is nothing better than enjoying a moment for yourself in the bathroom making yourself pretty and GLADDERR´s luxury tool will definitely contribute to this moment of wellbeing. But there is more to these innovative bathroom jewels, because the handmade shaving handles can be completely customized to your liking with beautiful sparkling stones in tons of different colours. The handles are made of Stainless Steel of the highest quality and the handle consists of 3 elements: the ´Bone´, the interchangeable ´Tubes´that fit over the Bone and the ´Bolt´, to fix the Tubes. The design of the shaving handle is one with the bathroom stand.

    The idea of Rob to create shaving handle jewels that can be personalized, was realized by the Industrial Designer Lieven Bekaert. Lieven designed the handle with perfect ergonomic shape using 25 years of experience in industrial design. During his career Lieven was working as a teacher and as a Freelance designer for several companies.

    GLADDERR also provides you with the supporting products for the perfect soft and smooth shave. The product line features Pre-Shaving Scrub, Foaming Shaving Oil and Calming Aftershave Balm. The Aftershave Balm is also perfect for after sun skin care, as it calms and smooths the skin. And a fun fact about the Foaming Shaving Oil is that the oil only foams a little bit, making it to last longer on to your skin so you can shave the same part several times without irritating your skin!
    So get ready for the perfect shave and treat yourself to the most luxurious way of shaving!

  • G O D E R T . M E

    See Images

    Jules Bongers owns the coolest little black blazer, and she’ll share it with us. “For years, I’ve had this black jacket that I stuck full of pins I collected from all over the world. Continuous positive reactions made me decide to create my own collection.” Pins vary from a coffee bean to skull, spray can, Chanel no.5, Banksy rat, red pepper, and many many more.

    Pin and collect your custom set to spice up that black jacket of yours. Although we do think it will suit a dress, denim or tuxedo too. And if you want to know who Godert is? It’s Jules grandfather and she loves him very much. So sweet!

  • Hagelswag

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    Sometimes it can be hard to find a way to squeeze chocolate into every meal. But the Dutch have been doing it all along, sprinkling their morning toast with chocolate since day 1. A tradition that started back in 17th Century Amsterdam has been kicked up a notch by creative team Vos&Len. So, leave the Nutella at the kids’ table and step up your game with Hagelswag: damn fine chocolate on bread.

  • Hermit Gin

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    Every great brand has a story
    Hermit is a sea creature with an attitude.
    Born without a shell, he wandered the beaches to find a home.
    After crawling across the North Sea floor, he ended up on the Dutch shores.
    Finally he found his shelter: an empty bottle.
    The bottle became the symbol for Hermit’s home everywhere.
    Take a look inside the bottle to see his journey.
    A unique story to share

  • Heroes on Socks

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    We are Heroes on Socks -HOS- a young sock labeldesigned for the modern determined gentleman who
    wants to distinguish himself with a comprehensive wardrobe. HOS is a small label for innovative socks and yarns, based on traditional weaving techniques. All garments are made in Italy and authentically manufactured by the finest artisans. Our vision is that the humble sock threatens to be a forgotten item, but it is in fact an essential part of a solid outfit. Innovative designs and materials, attention for detail and craftsmanship are the key ingredients that give our socks the unique appearance we aim for. Every season Heroes on Socks will bring a sophisticated and unique collection, as we try to redefine our collections to show a clear addition to every gentlemen’s outfit.

  • Het Hanze Huis

    Hanzehuis operating under the old covenant Hanzekooplieden- and cities and take Hanseatic commercial cities of Europe as a source for the choice of its products. People who enter Hanzehuis are overwhelmed by authentic packaging ancient vernacular treats , teas , but also kitchen utensils, soap , linen tea towels and the oldest house perfume. The stores are treasure troves where you are constantly making new discoveries. Suppliers often work for generations to trot to their product , they also show that pride in the package : Wonderful moments with family coats of arms , seals and original labels . Because the products have a rich (trade ) history, the stories behind the products is important , we care for each product with the commercial or family history of the manufacturer on paper. Hanzehuis has offices in Groningen , Zwolle and Amsterdam .

  • Imperfect Design

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    Imperfect Design makes handcrafted lifestyle products. These products are designed by Dutch designers in collaboration with craftsmen and craftswomen in developing countries and emerging markets.
    The combination of handcrafted products and leading Dutch design makes each item unique.
    Imperfect Design collaborate with renowned designers. These designers have as well given shape to the values of Dutch Design. Dutch Design is known for her creativity, innovation power and the high education level.
    Imperfect Design collaborates with local craft groups in developing countries and emerging markets. The Dutch designers develop and design in close collaboration with local craftsmen new products, which are sold to resellers all over the world. Imperfect Design intends to build sustainable business relations with craftsmen in countries such as Guatemala, Vietnam and India.

  • IVY & LIV

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    Delicate jewelry brand IVY & LIV was founded by Fleur Osterholt in 2013. She had the strong desire to create jewelry pieces with an edge, in good quality, for all women.

    IVY & LIV is an elegant, timeless and minimalistic jewelry label based in Amsterdam.
    Every IVY & LIV item is made out of sterling silver, gold plated silver or 14ct gold.
    They are a sincere and loving gift to yourself or someone that means the world to you. Although that piece of jewelry might be the smallest item in your wardrobe, it is always the most telling one. It’s who you are.

    IVY & LIV jewelry is there for every woman; no matter her age or appearance. Beauty has no age and elegance is the only beauty that never fades.”

  • J.C. Herman Ceramics

    See Images

    Herman Verhagen, the potter, graduated in 2003 at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
    After a period of working with video art and 3D-computeranimations, he decided to become a potter. Starting in 2009, he became an apprentice of Karin Dessag in Paris. Glazing he learned from Marc Uzan in Le Mans (also in France) Since 2011 J.C. HERMAN Ceramics opened it's doors, where all works by Herman Verhagen are sold in the shop that is connected to the studio.

  • Jan Jansen

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    Meet Jan Jansen, the Master of Shoe Design. He started his career as haute chaussurier in the sixties in Amsterdam. His designs are a combination of comfort and avant-gardism. His shoes appear in every book on shoe design, like the Rattan from 1973 that were way ahead of their time, although his designs have been proven to stay fashionable. Extravagant. Original. Joyous.

    These qualities describe the shoes, and the designer too. After 50 years, Jan Jansen still doesn't follow trends or consumer demands. If desired, they can be made to the measurements of your exact foot. X Bank is proud to be the only offline store that offers a genuine pair of Jan Jansens. So see if the shoe fits you.

  • Jelle Mastenbroek

    See Images

    What’s your status? In Dutch history people expressed their status by displaying their most beautiful pieces of porcelain in a 'pronkkast', of which you see one before you here at X Bank. This Design Academy graduation project by Jelle Mastenbroek questions modern moral where money becomes a goal in itself.

    Cupboard Splendour Lender shows the original function of money as a medium to exchange goods and services: happiness. Jelle’s smaller Money Sock gives an alternative for bringing money to an (unsafe) bank; an old sock under the mattress. This piggy bank makes saving secure. Every time money you save, you hear a tune. Money does make you happy.

  • JH Nocturnal

    See Images

    Jessy Heuvelink is a Dutch-born Stockholm based fashion and accessories designer. With an impressive resumé and training within ready to wear, couture and sportswear that include Viktor & Rolf, Christian Lacroix, Adidas and the Swedish power house J. Lindeberg. Jessy took a leap of faith in 2014 by turning what initially started out as a hobby and lifetime passion into reality and started his own label JH Nocturnal.

    JH Nocturnal is a collection of everyday luxury leather goods and accessories, a striking and bold collection for both men and women that really appreciate a high level of quality and craftsmanship combined with a strong rock & roll aesthetic. Handcrafted in Italy and designed using the finest materials this collection will accentuate the unique style of the individual wearer.

  • Johannes Verwoerd

    See Images

    Johannes Verwoerd (Amsterdam, 1985) is an artist / art director. His work includes books, films, identities, exhibitions, websites and typefaces. His practice consists of self- initiated projects and commissions, in which he alternately takes on the role of initiator, editor and designer.
    An important goal in his work is to provide new perspectives on collective ideas we silently agree upon.

    Momentarily he researches new solutions for the font or typeface as we know it. Language becomes fluid, interactive, adaptive and alive.

  • Johnny Loco

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    Johnny Loco is an exclusive Amsterdam based brand which is founded in 2005. With our bikes, eyewear and watches we offer a unique range of products which are produced with great love and passion for craftmanship in small quantities. We met Johnny about ten years ago on a deserted platform at Barcelona's Central Station in late August. We were touched by the heart and soul of a unique personality whose life philosophy is so infectious that we couldn't help but become his willing disciples.

  • Joost Seegers

    See Images

    Joost Seegers graduated from the Artez Arnhem product design department in 2015. Since then he works independently from his studio and workshop in Nijmegen.His work is characterized by moving and clear-cut constructions. It’s his aim that my work is perceived as astonishing and sympathic. The products explain themselves how they are constructed due to the transparency in his work.

    The bulbs of the Invaders collection can expand into a variety of shapes. One can manually influence the shape of the light object. However, the automatic movement of the light object strengthens a dynamic light experience.
    The aspect of movement influences the venue where the light objects is located in, as the venue seems to move together with the light object.
    Due to the different sizes, each model has it its own effect and role in the venue it is in. My lamps ensure that the experience of a certain venue becomes more dynamic. Herewith, I want to create a more intense experience. Furthermore, it is my aim to inspire people to become an active participant of the venue instead of a passive spectator.

    In our urbanized environment there is an increasing number of temporary events taking place in unoccupied locations such as old manufacturing-halls and empty office-buildings. My products are able to change these temporary-used venues

  • Jupe by Jackie

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    Dutch designer Jackie Villevoye established Jupe by Jackie in 2010. Working closely with an embroidery atelier in India, the brand distinguishes itself through its hand-embroidered designs showing ultimate attention to detail. The heritage of embroidery is an art that Jupe strives to support and further nourish. Defined by striking colour combinations, outspoken materials and refined pattern designs.

  • &k

    See Images

    This is your chance to eat from a golden plate, kings and queens alike. This tableware adds a dash of glamour to your dinner table. Amsterdam based &Klevering formed their shape as an imperfect circle, to make the plates more interesting. Stick to gold, or mix and match with the Jungle series of &K.

    It’s this mix of modern items with classical pieces to provide a fresh, new look that we love &K for. Every single piece of glassware with printed green leaves shows a different design. It’s
    unpredictable, like the jungle. It’s Dutch design with a twist. We think it’s the finishing touch for your table.

  • Kellinger

    See Images

    Imagine walking into someone’s home and completely altering their interior to your liking before you sit down. That is what happens in my head whenever I enter a new space.
    I strive for the perfect symbioses of appealing visual design and sound. Nothing is impossible in this constant search for new combinations. I see that people are attracted to the energy and ambiance the designs bring to their homes.

  • Kever Genever

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    Kever Genever is a handcrafted contemporary style Old Genever distilled by four friends in Amsterdam. Our Genever is smooth as a baby’s bottom, excellent to drink it straight or as a mix in a mouth-watering Genever cocktail, such as a Dutch Negroni. Kever Genever has a gold-yellowish appearance. It is malty, has a crispy bitterness of the gentian root and tones of almond. This genever let’s you experience a slight funky nose of elderflower, cinnamon and apple. The can protects the genever from light struck, to make sure that your genever is conserved in the best way possible. Ideal to give away as a typical Dutch present or to enjoy it yourself!

  • Kings of Indigo

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    Kings of Indigo is a sustainable jeans brand from The Netherlands. Ranked Europe’s number one jeans brand when it comes to sustainable production. Innovation is at the core of this brand. Kings of Indigo is influenced by the American heritage of jeans and inspired by the Japanese eye for detail in developing quality product. The Kings of Indigo collection contains a selection of denims, tops and accessories. The brand uses sustainable techniques where they can and have a bond with the Fair Wear Foundation to guarantee fair working conditions for all involved in the production process.
    Every Garment Made With A Conscience.

  • Kiyoko

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    Evelien Emondts (1986) and Merel Groenenboom (1985) met at the University of Amsterdam, where they both got their Master degrees in Communication Science. evelien also has a Master degree in American Studies and merel in business studies. after spending time abroad in Washington & Prague (Evelien) and New york & Beijing (Merel), they started their careers in Amsterdam. the travel bug however soon bit again, so they left home to see more of the world. evelien and merel are now using their marketing and communications experience for Kiyoko, a business they run next to their (freelance) marketing and advertising jobs in Amsterdam.

    Evelien and Merel started Kiyoko in March 2014. Kiyoko stems from their ambition to chase dreams. in that spirit they both swapped their lives in Amsterdam for a long trip abroad. that meant taking risks (quitting jobs and giving up apartments), but both got to do what they really wanted – to experience the ultimate feeling of freedom and to prove that no goal is beyond reach. this vision resulted in a business plan for Kiyoko: a product based on an entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to take risks. travel remains a major theme in the development of the products and the brand. the details of the products are Japanese for a reason: the founders draw their inspiration from Japanese culture.

  • Koll3kt

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    Inspired by the versatile daily activities of the modern individual, Koll3kt creates a stylish new take on ‘Smart Casual’ products. Driven by passion for design, quality & innovation and born out of the need to find or create clothing embracing both sophistication and functionality. Koll3kt is for the one who needs a wardrobe where every piece is as practical as it is stylish.

    Koll3kt creates smart products: ' FOR SMART PEOPLE'

  • Kranen Gille

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    Jos Kranen and Johannes Gille met while they were both studying atthe Design Academy Eindhoven. In their designs they seek to combine various disciplines and craftsmanship with their own particular aesthetic. All of their pieces offer an intriguing mix of industrialized and organic forms. Inspired by the aesthetic of abandoned places, industrialisation, factories and detailed craftsmanship they are constantly renewing themselves in order to express their feelings towards functionality.


    See Images

    KSÄHAR is a home and lifestyle brand, inspired by the bold colours, ethnic textures and treasured motifs of the orient,
    reimagined with European attitudes and style in mind.
    Our furniture and designs boast traditional skilled workmanship and a rich understanding of artisanal heritage.
    We have a love of beautiful fabrics, and expertly blend raw and chic materials. Each of our pieces plays on one’s sense of scale, simultaneously offering bohemian elegance, quality and comfort.
    The details of our work possess a hint of the unexpected, while still assuming a classic excellence that transcends time and can fit into any interior.

  • Kywie

    See Images

    Saskia Nooij is founder and driving force behind Dutch brand KYWIE: In 2013 she started making wine totes made of 100% sheepskin. The woolen interior may look warm and snug but don’t let this fool you. Wool of (Dutch) sheep is the best natural insulation in the world.. It will keep your wine or water bottle at even temperature for hours. The cylindrical & lightweight design, available in various colours and models, make KYWIE coolers not only an innovative wine-assecory for at home, it is also the ideal wine-outdoor-must-have for all seasons. Dutch wine reporters, usually sceptic about wine accessories were quick to applaud Amsterdam-based KYWIE.

  • La Collerette

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    La Collerette is the Dutch fashion label for mock-shirts for woman.

    Roughly translated La Collerette means collar and comes from the French Renaissance. A Collerette balances between clothing and jewelery: it is a bon ton' must-have to easily and quickly decorate your clothes. La Collerette adds something to every look - whether it’s outgoing, business, edgy, sophisticated or understated classy.

    Made from high quality fabrics, you can wear your La Collerette under a jumper, sweater, cardigan or dress.The adjustable straps guarantee a perfect fit, without your Collerette bunching up.La Collerette carries a complete line of mock-shirts, which is updated throughout the year with new designs.

    So there is always a Collerette for you.

  • Laundry Industry

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    Laundry Industry designs contemporary Womens and Mens ready-to-wear collections. The brand is positioned at the high end of the fashion retail market. Laundry Industry offers a clear identity in collections with a highly recognisable interior design concept. The collections produced excel in selection of fabric, cut, use of colour and exude elegance and contemporary fashion sensibility. Looking ahead the marketing strategy for the brand targets are maintaining integrity, exclusivity and identification as the guidelines in our world where everything is available and for sale, yet precious consumer approach rare to find. Key is the consumer to recognise the honesty and to share the uniqueness of Laundry Industry!

  • Le Bonnet

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    Born in Paris, designed in Amsterdam. This easy to wear beanie will complete your look all year round. A true essential. The perfect combination of lightweight Caregora and Lambswool makes the beanies incredibly soft and durable. The subtle ribbed finish gives an elegant character to this accessory.

    The beanies are traditionally crafted in Scotland using the highest standards of animal care and husbandry.

  • LEFF

    See Images

    Since his graduation project in 1990, Piet Hein Eek has created a wide variety of amazing items, including scrap wood cabinets,
    leather chairs, aluminium furniture, wallpaper-covered cabinets and lacquered tables. He has designed a collection for Fair
    Trade Original, created wooden crates for champagne house Maison Ruinart, porcelain dinnerware for Douwe Egberts and a
    collection of basic furniture for online department store Wehkamp. His collaboration with LEFF amsterdam fits in seamlessly
    with the rest, because it is equally unconventional. The young brand makes designer clocks, an area that used to be unfamiliar
    territory for the designer.

    Dutch design brand LEFF amsterdam was founded in 2011. After making their debut in the industry by creating a series of iconic interior timepieces,
    the team’s focus gradually shifted towards different product ranges. The Amsterdam-based brand now creates unconventional watches and speakers
    by developing concepts in collaboration with renowned designers from around the world.

    LEFF amsterdam started making timepieces in an era in which time is all around us, because they think clocks are simply amazing products. LEFF amsterdam’s
    founders believe clocks are the perfect example of functional beauty, as they’re technical instruments that have the potential to be art pieces at
    the same time. However, this wasn’t the only reason for them to start creating clocks and watches. Arno Ruijzenaars: “Nobody really needs a clock. This
    challenges us even more to create something beautiful that everyone still wants to have.”

  • L’Enfant Terrible

    See Images

    L’enfant Terrible is an Amsterdam-based modern lifestyle footwear brand with a raw edge. Since launching in 2013, founder Sule Orhan had one very clear vision in mind: to make a trend conscious yet comfortable line, for the confident and fun loving woman. The shoes, she and her friends would love to wear every day.

    Modern visual culture and rock ‘n roll aestetics are some of Sule’s inspirations. Influenced by her background in architecture / graphic design at the Rietveld academie and doing art works for Dutch fashion brands, she seamlessly applied her love for minimalist lines and geometric shapes to her greatest passion-shoes.
    This signature style has quickly gained the likes of a loyal following from celebrities in the Netherlands but also in Hollywood. Her distinctive creations have been extensively featured in Elle, Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and other publications worldwide.

    Encompassing women’s footwear, L’enfant Terrible, embodies a timeless interplay of all-important comfort and effortless feminine whimsey. Each hand-made piece is framed by the constants of high quality Italian leather, classic construction and perfect fit with a luxurious feel.

    L’enfant Terrible; so you’ll never forget your inner child.

  • Les Coyotes de Paris

    See Images

    Les Coyotes de Paris tells the imaginary story about the 4th arrondissement in Paris,
    where girls are running through the streets as fast as ''Coyotes'', the Parisian prairie wolves.

    Les Coyotes de Paris is all about a timeless wardrobe. A nostalgic take on iconic &
    classic shapes and nautical details. Beautiful 60's & 70's silhouettes that are twisted
    into new updated modern looks.

    We strongly believe the look of a female wardrobe can be the same for mostly all ages.
    We love to dress the young girls in the age of 6-10 years old, but also the teen girls 10-12 years old and the young women sizes XS (14yrs), S (16yrs) and M (18yrs).

    True beauties remain timeless. Time passes by us and mediocre will be forgotten,
    but the real beauty and exquisite always capture us. Timeless pieces are our core
    and consistent values.

    Founded by Marie, the brand is a reflection of her own personality.
    Driven by the emotion of creating something pure and inspired by strong
    classic & iconic pieces, Les Coyotes de Paris was born.

    ''To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance''
    - Oscar Wilde

  • Liza Witte

    See Images

    An ephemeral landscape of solid scent. A collection of five iconic perfume bottles sculpted in black, each with its unique fragrance. These finely crafted objects serve as room fragrance and nourishing soap, each subtly revealing its presence as it releases its lush delicate scent or becomes a lavish body wash as it slowly melts away.

    Liza Witte draws on the history of the earliest perfume bottles from the beginning of the 19th century when they were first designed as works of art. At that time it became customary among the well-to-do to display them in their homes. The carefully crafted flacons created a shimmering landscape and were exhibited as status symbols.

    The Silhouette Collection, seemingly as lasting and solid as its glass predecessors, is in reality like perfume itself: ephemeral and sensuous, fading with time and use. As with perfume (from “per fumum” meaning ‘through smoke’) these monuments of smell prove to be transient, eventually dissolving into air.

  • Loes Vrij

    See Images

    It’s true, Loes Vrij has the power looks of a lawyer. She left that profession behind to follow her lifelong passion for fashion and design to a professional level. Now her Amsterdam based brand makes high end bags for powerful professional ladies like herself. Lucky us, because now we have bags that have exactly what we need. Flattering and surprising designs, quality Italian leather and rock & chic shapes inspired by the sixties. Take her first made bag called Glorious Gun. This little wrap-around bag is powerful and elegant on the outside but holds many secrets on the inside. More than enough pockets and folds to organize all essentials for the day for a lady on the go. Go on, see if it suits you too.

  • Lola + Lou

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    Lola + Lou is a Dutch lingerie brand, founded in 2015 by Malou van den Broek. Her passion for lingerie and search for inspiring designs led her to start her own brand.
    Lola + Lou bridges the divide between high-end and mainstream lingerie labels, while balancing fashion and functionality. The brand sets itself apart by the use of contrasting fabrics in unexpected combinations. The collection comprises a broad range of lingerie items, supplemented by unique pieces and handmade items. All items are made in the EU and are 100% sweatshop free.
    The first collection Oblivion was inspired by the atmosphere of American motels as portrayed in the movies. It symbolises a place where its daytime visitors are unaware of the endless possibilities it offers at night.


    See Images

    L’ORIGINE is founded by Dyllan Ahinful & Jeffrey Mensah: two Ghanaian youngsters living in Amsterdam. The childhood friends initiated the idea of starting something for themselves. The idea was easily linked to one of their passions, fashion. L’ORIGINE was established in 2014 and went online in December 2015. L’ORIGINE’s main goal, is to bring an extraordinary brand into the fashion world, which represents the origin of their story in contemporary creative men’s apparel. When the idea of representing the Ghanaian identity in a brand, meets the passion for urban couture of the fashion sensed founders, the masterpieces of L’ORIGINE are born.

  • Love Stories

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    When in Amsterdam, do like the Dutch do. Dare to wear a mixed set of lingerie; it’s liberating, and saves time. Red headed Marloes Hoedeman designed her Love Stories to be styled and worn with ease, putting a stop to time-consuming complications of trying on hundreds of styles in search of the perfect garment.

    Plus it saves money and the environment when you lose a piece in the laundry. You’re free to choose the bra to your liking and wear it with the knickers you fancy most. It’s fashion, it’s different, and we know you have it in you.

  • Maarten Baas

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    A cutlery collection by Maarten Baas.

    “When I approached the designer and design teams to create a set of cutlery for valerie_objects, I knew that they would each use their
    expertise, background and knowledge to come up with a completely
    divergent range of results. Some of them had already experimented with cutlery, others had been fascinated by the design for years, while for yet others it was their first foray into designing this modest eating tool. But whatever stage they were at, they all succeeded in delivering a surprise.” said curator Veerle Wenes.

  • Made by RENS

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    Reddish is a series of table objects made in
    co-operation with Cor Unum.

    The designers of rENs thought up a remarkable procedure
    for the colouring of this exclusive ceramics.
    Each object was placed in liquid pigment. From that
    day, it paints itself, void of any human intervention.

    The porosity of the material and the duration of the
    dye decide on the outcome. The colorant soaks into the
    material, draws a pattern and leaves traces. The
    process remains active for months.

  • Mae Engelgeer

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    Dutch designer Mae Engelgeer attended the Amsterdam Fashion Instituut where she specialized in textile design, graduating in 2004. Later she was accepted to the prestigious Master Course in Applied Arts at the Sandberg Instituut and developed her first collection of textiles at TextielLab. In 2014 Engelgeer opened her own studio in Amsterdam, working on product design and development, installations, and international collaborations. Mae Engelgeer’s work has been exhibited at a number of international design galleries and fairs and sold in design stores worldwide.

  • Maison Deux

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    Maison Deux is a home & living brand for kids and their parents. Founded to design fun, minimalist products for contemporary homes.
    All our products are crafted from high-quality, natural materials, inspired by the stories and dreams of little rockers.

    Pia & Woes Weinberg founded Maison Deux after the birth of their twin son and daughter. The celebration of new life and a turbulent start inspired them to build a new home.
    A home filled with his stories and her dreams. Stories and dreams that come to life as products. Simple, pure products with a playful twist.

  • Marcel Wanders

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    Marcel Wanders (Boxtel, 1963) is a European Designer, entrepreneur and persistent catalyst behind the Dutch national Droog Design movement. Regarded by many as an anomaly in the design world, Marcel has made it his mission to “create an environment of love, live with passion and make our most exciting dreams come true”. His work excites, provokes, and polarises, but never fails to surprise for its ingenuity, daring and singular quest to uplift the human spirit, and entertain. With this track record, it’s no surprise that the New York Times dubbed Marcel the ‘Lady Gaga of Design’ or that Business Week selected him as one of Europe’s ‘25 leaders of change’. In 2006, Elle Decoration awarded Marcel the prestigious title of ‘Designer of the Year’. Other award wins include the Philadelphia Museum of Art's modern design collaborative award, Collab, and the Design Excellence Award for Marcel’s significant contribution to the field of design in 2009. In his designs Marcel Wanders often mixes innovative materials and techniques with references to well known historical styles and archetypes, so users can easily connect to the pieces, enjoying them for a long time and in doing so create sustainable surroundings.

  • Marcel Wanders – Rijks

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    The latest Marcel Wanders publication Rijks, Masters of the Golden Age pays homage to the 17th-century Dutch masterpieces from the Rijksmuseum’s prestigious Gallery of Honour. The unique art publication combines the finest materials, the most innovative techniques and the testimonies of thought leaders and craft masters from around the world. The books bring the reader eye to eye with over 60 iconic paintings such as Rembrandt’s Night Watch and Vermeer’s Milkmaid.

    Leading contemporary critical thinkers explain how their perception of the world has been influenced by these paintings. Featuring writings of Ferran Adrià, David Allen, Alain de Botton, Anton Corbijn, Angela Missoni, Jimmy Nelson, Erwin Olaf and many more, the testimonies add a new way of seeing not only these masterpieces, but also life itself. The book is lavishly produced in genuine leather, beautiful hand-written calligraphy, and the finest printing technique and paper and is available in three editions: a coffee table book, a limited edition and a unique art edition.

  • Marie-Stella-Maris

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    Marie-Stella-Maris will make you feel good, in more ways than expected. Drinking her natural mineral water will cleanse your inner body. Buying the stylish bottle builds water sources in places where needed. And as the Amsterdam based brand understands the direct link between clean drinking water and hygiene, Marie-Stella-Maris also offers natural care products from lip balm to tubes of body lotion in addition to their assortment of mineral waters. All contribute to clean drinking water projects worldwide; 8 wells for 17.000 people so far. You can be the source. Inner body, outer skin, inner mind. Feel better already?

  • Mark Sturkenboom

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    What are these idiosyncratic relics? A gilded champagne bottle, crystal candleholders and golden brooches. These objects are undeniably functional yet practically difficult. Mark Sturkenboom makes them look so sexy and chic. The art pieces are bold, demanding a certain status of celebri-ty.

    They make your mind search for a fitting response, which might take you a while, or even forev-er. Mark is a provocateur as much as he is a craftsman. We appreciate him for his bold attitude. It’s one of the common Dutch design values.

  • Marlous van der Toorn

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    Marlous van der Toorn | MvdT Jewelry is an autodidact jewelry designer with a background from the fashion industry. In 2013 she quit her job in order to pursue a creative journey. It ended up being a 6 months journey that took her to the other side of the world and resulted in a beautiful jewelry line of complementary pieces.

    MvdT Jewelry is handmade. There might be variations in creations, that makes each single piece unique. The material of the collection is Brass and Sterling 925 Silver:

    Brass | Messing is an alloy of 63% Copper and 37% Zinc. It is free of Nickel. Brass and Silver has an organic feeling. These are metals that breaths and oxidize during time. This gives each design a raw and vintage touch. It's pure...just the way life is supposed to be. Polish it, you and the gold or silver will shine.

    Each design can be handmade in Gold 14ct.

  • Mercer Amsterdam

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    Mercer Amsterdam was founded by myself (Pim Dresen). My sneaker addiction started at the age of 10, when I bought my first pair in Mercer Street in Soho, New York. After this the hoarding continued gradually until I moved to Amsterdam, where my sneaker addiction really took off. After a while I started developing my own ideas about sneakers. I did not like anyone having the same sneakers as mine plus I did not like the fit on some sneakers, so I started drawing my own sneaker whilst working in an investment bank at the same time. I quit my job in 2013, developed a full collection and stepped on to a train with a suitcase full of samples to find my first customers. Now almost two years later, Mercer sneakers are being sold in 8 countries in over 70 of the best shops, plus our own Mercer Amsterdam webshop, and we keep growing every day.

  • Mimi Berlin

    Mimi Berlin is an interdisciplinary, creative collective based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Their aim and mission is to inspire each other through fashion, interior, graphic design and art related projects. Also, very important; to share these projects in custom-applied form with their clients.

  • Maison Mona di Orio

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    Maison Mona di Orio defines unconventional perfume traditions that align olfactory
    chiaroscuro with the richness of golden age perfumery and uncompromising luxury. In
    the spirit of Haute Parfumerie, Maison Mona di Orio perfumes bloom on skin revealing
    a harmonious orchestration of light, art and nature.
    Founded in 2004, Maison was created by the perfumer, Mona di Orio,
    and designer, Jeroen Oude Sogtoen, as a union of their mutual love of art and artisanal
    craftsmanship. Mona trained in classical perfumery for ten years alongside worldrenowned
    perfumer Edmond Roudnitska.
    Influenced by light and nature, Mona sought to capture the quintessence of an ingredient.
    She constructed fragrances as a composer, playing on harmonies and melodies that
    develop with skin.

  • PHE Eyewear

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    Piet Hein Eek is usually pictured alongside the scrapwood furniture that made him famous throughout the world. At X Bank we show his sensitive side, that of eyewear and watches. He makes exceptional products by working with simplicity. The spectacles and sunglasses frames use only two lines for the top and bottom, clasping the arms in between. We love the little twist from horizontal at the joint to vertical at the ears. The tube watch started from a steel tube and an extruded ring as the clocks face. So obvious that you would think it already exists. But it doesn’t. This is your chance; these are the only Piet Hein Eek designs you can carry home without a heavy goods vehicle.

  • Nature Access 4 All

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    There’s more to these fine wood elements. First of all, you can find your own function; serving plate, stationery collector, beauty products holder? Note that this item you take home, was part of a living tree. Each unique item is numbered, so you can go online and find what Amsterdam street it watched over for many years.

    Also, you can find what other parts of the world the pieces of your tree travelled to. Jos Bregman is a professional gardener and artist. He let’s trees slowly explode, organizes tree mobs and wood samplings. With Nature Access 4 all, he gives us easy and fun access to nature.


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    NEWAMS is an Amsterdam-based fashion label with a unique perspective; The Dutch designers Stephen Becker en Luuk Schavemaker believe that knowledge based on history creates our future. Therefore, they focus on historical elements to create their storytelling pieces of work. NEWAMS is fully inspired by the Dutch pioneer mentality.

    We have an entrepreneurial spirit who aspires to succeed, not only in business, but in life, our mission is not to sedate, but to awaken, to disturb, to communicate, to command, to instigate, and even to provoke.

    We have a liberal mind that fights for individual freedom. History is our teacher.

    We are cultural provocateur!

  • North Sails

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    North Sails was founded in 1958 by Lowell North an American sailor and Olympic Gold
    Medalist. North was an engineer methodically focused on building sails that were faster than
    the competition. Year after year, Lowell North and his team pioneered new innovative technologies
    that conquered wind and water, and won races.
    Over the years, Lowell North’s legacy has lived on as the brand’s culture of innovation and
    winning has continued to produce generations of patented product breakthroughs and race
    champions. Since 1980, North Sails have been on every America’s Cup defender and challenger and
    are used by the majority of competitors in the offshore Volvo Ocean Race. Over the years,
    for everyone from celebrities and world figures like JFK to professional sailors and many
    more sailing enthusiasts in-between, North Sails has been the clear leader in sail making.

    Combining passion and technology, the people at North Sails are constantly improving sails and sailing elements. It’s dedication like this that has helped steer some of the world’s fastest sailboats across the finish line. For the first time in the company’s history, North Sails is navigating that love of design and technology into fashion.
    Mauro Taliani is the brand’s Italian-based designer. “We have spent many hours developing, designing and reworking iconic sailor inspired pieces, to build on a collection that reflects just how innovative North Sails is in the sailing world.

    "We want people to look at this brand in a whole new light."


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    NOT JET is an ode to women who aim to be successful in whatever they deem important in life.
    It’s not about the dissatisfaction in what's not yet achieved but the excitement in what's yet to be accomplished.

    Coats are generally undervalued pieces of clothing. They appeal to function rather than making a bold statement. Not jet creates unique coats with a sense of elegance, an unexpected twist and eye for detail. Coats as bold as her personality that spice up any outfit.

    Every piece is made in Italy by the best and dedicated outerwear production house behind brands like Valentino, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana and Ferragamo.


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    NUTORIOUS is a brand-new one-of-a-kind peanut butter brand from Amsterdam. The mission is simple; offer
    the world a more exciting peanut butter and revitalize your breakfast and snacking habits. Made from highend
    ingredients that satisfy the taste connoisseurs and health conscious alike, NUTORIOUS is going to change
    the peanut butter game one jar at a time. NUTORIOUS wants to inspire your peanut butter addiction and
    show you that they’re made for more than just spreading. Think unexpected, distinctive flavors–like white
    pepper, chili sambal and honey cinnamon–that stretch further than just your breakfast table and delight the

  • O MY BAG

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    O My Bag is an eco friendly brand that produces fairly made handbags and accessories. We don’t sacrifice quality and style for principle, because to us, they’re one and the same. O My Bag believes that consumers have the ability to change the world we live in. By providing our producers with access to the global market, we connect them with customers that love a great bag!

  • Ontour

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    Remco Van Der Velden and Etienne Dekkers became friends while studying industrial design at Eindhoven Design Academy. After graduating, they worked as strategic product designers on projects for Nokia, Samsung and Philips. In 2005, driven by an urge to create, they set out on their own path and founded Ontour.

    Part of a new wave of Dutch designers they began with a shared intuition about products and ideas. Over the past 10 years, they have developed this vision into a brand with a distinct design signature. All along their ambition remains: to make modern, accessible design.

    In 2015 the company relocated from its hometown, Eindhoven, to Amsterdam. After launching a new online shop and expanding the team, Ontour continues the next step in its journey.

  • OS & OOS

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    OS ∆ OOS is a design studio for small objects to larger spatial concepts; the studio tries to find the balance between form, material and their relation to the surroundings and the user. For it is the constant search to find the essence in the complex that drives them, taking an initial concept and working it into an object that conveys only what is meant to. The majority of work borders the line of design (in the industrial/ functionality sense) and autonomous objects; best described as contemporary objects derived from concept, yet rationalized to give them purpose.

    Oskar Peet (NL/CAN) and Sophie Mensen (NL) are both graduates of the Design Academy Eindhoven (2009), and started the firm OS ∆ OOS in the Autumn off 2011. Both live and work currently in the city of Eindhoven, the Netherlands.


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    Funded by Pernod-Ricard, the Our/Vodka family follows the same model around the world. We build micro-distilleries, source ingredients as locally as possible and make the best vodka in the world. We hand over the key to local entrepreneurs from each city who take over and run the business as they feel best suited for their city.

    Our/Amsterdam opened in 2015 as the fourth distillery in the Our/Vodka family. It is run by Ivo Hulscher & Marcel Wortel, who also co-run a business development agency in Amsterdam. They share a background in advertising and a passion for start-ups.

  • PiepEi

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    The PiepEgg (PiepEi) is a technical gadget, which is packed in a plastic egg. Keep the egg together with the real eggs and the PiepEgg is always ready for use. Boil the PiepEgg together with the desired number of eggs. When a water temperature of 55 ° C has been reached a control signal will ‘bleep’and at 100 ° C the PiepEgg tells you that the heat source can be reduced.

    When the PiepEgg plays its first Dutch melody (“In Holland staat een huis”) the eggs are softly cooked. In the second melody (“Twee emmertjes water halen”), the protein is solid and the core of the still liquid egg yolk. Finally a third melody (“Wilhelmus”) tells you that the egg is hard-boiled.

    Because tastes differ, you can easily simultaneously cook multiple eggs in this manner and create from the pan to the desired stage. This makes the PiepEgg the ultimate kitchen gadget. The PiepEgg has a life span of approximately 1.5 years and is available in various designs with matching well and cheerful melodies.


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    Trendsetting magazine Wallpaper calls him the one to watch. That is not just because Dutch designer Sebastiaan Pieter Groenen injects his collection of contemporary menswear with subtle nods to gay culture. We love how his principal garments from previous collections evolve into the perfectly-tailored trouser, the oversized shirt, the bomber jacket and the anorak.

    Among seasonal pieces, this evolving uniform showcases PIETER’s examination of the way modern men dress. With his experience at Jill Sander under Raf Simons and at Fantastic Man, PIETER provides a uniform that is sportive and sharp. He tells us he would just love to design for a guy who works in a bank. Can you fulfil his wish? Only possible in New York, Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo and at X Bank.

  • Pig&Hen

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    We live life on the edge and love doing it with passion. We swim with sharks, throw down in the mud, sail across oceans and drink a bit too much, but that’s just us. Whatever our thrills are, we live that day-to-day life and in the end we always want to find our way back home, to our loved ones.
    We have created Pig&Hen to help us find that way…
    In the early 1600’s the Dutch were the leading nation sailing out to unknown parts of the world, with the biggest naval fleet the world had ever seen. With some serious sea legs, they discovered new lands, different ways of life but also ran into some big obstacles along the way.
    To protect themselves against bad luck the men had a tattoo of a pig and a hen on their feet. It was believed it gave the sailors the ability to survive when they had to abandon ship.
    The sailors felt they would be able to find land, just like the Pig and Hen who were kept in wooden crates and thus floated, and would let the tide bring them home.
    Pig&Hen will save your life, even in a tight situation.
    Our bracelets are handmade in Amsterdam, by using authentic ship rope we carry on the Dutch legacy. They are meant to survive a lifetime, are stronger than steel and will age like your wrinkled face.

  • Property Of

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    Property Of... was founded in 2006 with the goal to provide a serious alternative to the classic full leather briefcase with a clean and timeless aesthetic, targeting men and women with contemporary urban lifestyles.
    The name Property Of... was selected as a kind of non-label, to simply refer to the unique identity of each bag’s owner. By using our signature leather ID tags, labeling is functional and present while remaining understated.
    The head office of Property Of... is located in Amsterdam, where the brand also opened its flagship store in 2010. A second store was opened in Hamburg in 2014

  • PUIK Art

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    PUIK Art is a Dutch Design brand that dares to challenge current conventions. We enable people to bring out their bold self. With an open-minded outlook on what design could possibly be, we are continuously pushing the boundaries of creativity. Whether it is the material, design or production method used, all of our product designs spring from a good idea.

    We always strive to maintain elegance and functionality in our designs. By delivering products at an affordable price, we now enable everyone to own a unique piece of Dutch Design.

    It is the young designers themselves who we dare to develop their products for us. We work with the best up-and-coming designers / avant-garde of Dutch Design, who deliver a new perspective on Dutch Design, always living up to the criteria of boldness, functionality and elegance.

  • Ray Simons Amsterdam

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    Ray Simons has been working in the wonderful world of essential and vegetable oils for 25 years. His passion is creating and making customized skincare for people with skin problems, or developing 100% specialist natural skincare for extremely sensitive skin: Anti-aging.

    Ray started in Amsterdam 15 years ago where he made personalized skincare for women in a niche cosmetic store. It took up so much time, so he decided to make a one size fits all for women over 40, where he would only use the best ingredients. He even put a diamond in the every bottle, and Roses & Diamonds was born.

    His signature product is RAYMAN. RAYMAN is one of the only products that caters to sooth the bald head, as well as the face, and a shaving oil too. 3-in-1. Ray developed RAYMAN at first for himself. Like any other man he wanted a product that is fast, easy and effective. Ray Simons, a bald man himself, knows that bald men have super-thin, hairless scalps. When exposed to various weather conditions the kins on bald heads is of poor condition. With a mission to create skincare without any chemicals of synthetic ingredients, his products include only natural plant extracts and essential oils.

    More and more men long for a radiant skin without any redness, dry and rough spots and of course a skin which has few wrinkles. RAYMAN prevents razor burns which many of all wet shaving men endure. In order to achieve such optimum results quickly, use RAYMAN daily or as part of the daily shaving ritual in the morning. RAYMAN has added an entire new dimension to skincare, shaving and skull protection for men.


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    REM ATELIER is a collaborative art and design project by visual artist Remty Elenga and designer Remco van Halderen. Together they create objects and situations in which functionality and the perception towards an object are explored, using decor as a tool and moving back and forth between reality and fiction.
    In 2013 they started their collaboration after first sharing a studio space in the Northeast of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This workspace directly was named REM atelier, after the first three shared letters of their names. Here their practice naturally started melting together, sharing same interests, exploring new idea’s and materials and experimenting with their so called studio transformations; big scale interactive installations in which they explore the spatial boundaries within their studio.
    Optic illusions and playful arrangements set the tone to their work, often referring to existing objects and constructions from everyday life.

    GROWING PLANTS INDOORS is an ongoing project that started out with a series of light boxes with three dimensional representations of banana plants in them.
    Growing Plants Indoors shows a depiction of a life size banana plant which seems to be trapped in it’s wooden casing. In it’s hyper realistic state, the plant behind milky plexiglass suggests to be alive, brought to life by the lights that shine trough the thin green leaves. But when one looks closer, certain facts break the illusion of the image. The measurements of the casing reveal the flat character of the banana plant, which turns out to be a photographic representation that is sculptured inside the box. An illusion of the exotic houseplant that doesn’t need any water and can’t die, frozen in it’s temporary state. The work references the perception of an object; a familiar, functional object- in it’s personal space.
    Every plant is based on a different photo of an (once) existing plant. Just like in real nature, the plants different from each other and with every new lightbox that is created another banana plant is added to the family.

  • Rocks on a rope

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    Rocks On a Rope is a high-end fine jewellery brand from Amsterdam. All pieces are unique, delicate, and sensual. They emphasize your natural strength and beauty. Rocks On a Rope is based on diamonds and a fine golden chain or a thin but unbreakable strong rope. Every single jewellery piece is custom-- and handmade by the designer Claudia Lynsvelt.

    She introduces a certified diamond jewellery collection, which stands for pure, honesty and raw beauty, a jewel that will last a lifetime.

    ‘I have a very simple passion, to help strengthen the natural beauty of women. Maybe that sounds very grand but the simplest and most beautiful things in the world don’t need anything more than an accent, a detail. Tiny, brilliant, diamonds which strengthen genuine beauty – fine jewellery turns great into exceptional. It’s the finishing touch that makes the difference’.

    “If its’ a diamond it should be a rock”

  • Roos van Soest

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    The narrative and storylike jewellery of Roos van Soest (1975) are detailled and play- and colourful ornaments. The stories are a real ‘feast for the eye’, which is an important part of the jewellery of van Soest. To give shape to her universe she makes use of several 3D modelling techniques and valuable materials like gold, silver, porcelain and precious stones.

    Themes of inspiration have been a combination of nature, architectural buildings, decay and more recently, the world of pleasure like the circus or funfair.

    After several exhibitions, national and international, like Collect Art Fair at the Saatchi Gallery in London and SOFA (Chigaco and New York), as well as purchases from musea and private collectors, she started her own jewellerylabel.

  • Sander Wassink

    Creating something from scratch, would be a waste of time in our super-fast throw away society. For Sander Wassink the debris of modern consumption culture is enough to work with. Like the lamp Stacked; a stack of reclaimed glassware.

    It’s not just a lamp, but also a system for producing a lamp that can be interpreted different by every maker. A model that is practically impossible in modern production and distribution systems. You get it, we like how obstinate and rebellious this guy thinks. You can try to find his tenacious mind in the photography we have on our walls. It might make you a bit of a rebel too.

  • Scotch & Soda

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    Get that runway look! At X Bank you literally can. Our selection of Scotch&Soda clothes features only the styles that were shown on the catwalk. Why we chose Scotch&Soda? Coming from Amsterdam we share common values; our liberal city of adventurers, traders, dreamers and free wheelers.

    Where ships set sail for new worlds, where people are free to explore and express themselves, where anything and anyone goes, and everyone’s welcome. It could only have started here. Scotch&Soda pours the world into its creations, although the soul in the mix is pure Amsterdam.

  • Secrid

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    Secrid designs daily pocket essentials, they like to call: pocketwear. Secrid’s wallets are hidden fashion in your pockets. They are compact and all built from one minimalistic core, the Cardprotector, which contains a patented sliding system that grants access to your most used cards without even opening it. The thin aluminum Cardprotector protects cards against bending, breaking and unwanted reading of RFID cards.

    In addition, all of Secrid’s products are made in Holland as they firmly believe in producing locally, assuring the highest environmental-, quality- and working standards. Certainly not to be forgotten is the use of Secrid’s products, where each Secrid product is surprising for first-time users and puts a smile on their faces

  • Siba Sahabi

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    Siba Sahabi graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2006. Drawing from her German/Iranian roots, her work aims to show how one culture can influence another, leading to renewal and cultural richness. Her tableware sculptures, fashioned from paper, are inspired by the European and Middle Eastern history of ceramics. A passion for crafts and imperfection drives the process of Siba’s work.

  • Silhouet Lighting

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    Silhouet is a Dutch label of local and handcrafted lighting in subtle uncomplicated designs, genuine fabrics & colours creating atmospheric light.

    A collection of lighting objects designed with the desire to create products that are simple and true by shape, finish and effect.

    Designer Jeroen Oeloff developed the Silhouet label in 2013. The Silhouet lighting collection contains over 25 unique light fixtures, all made with the dedication of local craftsmen and finished and assembled by hand.

    Steel, Copper or Brass in untrea-ted raw surface, powder coated or oxidized finishes. With latest led technology, with integrated line dimmer, low energy consumption leds of the warmest white colour.

    Minimal Shape - Beautiful Shade

  • Sjoerd Vroonland

    See Images

    The collection of design label Vroonland is reminiscent of authentic design treasures – it reflects both what they used to be and what they still are today. The innovative designs are inspired by classic compositions from design history and are created using the materials, techniques and forms that we all know. From the archetypal saddle to the antique clothespin, Vroonland uses the best features of time-honoured design and finds new ways to apply them.

    The strength of the products from Vroonland lies in the encounter between materials. Between framework and lampshade, between table and leg, the materials are uncompromised and the line of work can be clearly seen. Instead of hiding all the technical detailing, the designer focuses on the beauty of structure. The result is as sober as it is poetic and makes the furniture even more engaging.

    In 2010 Sjoerd Vroonland and Arjan Vaandrager started/ founded their design label after their study in Rotterdam. Sjoerd graduated at ArtEZ Academy where he specialised in product design, while Arjan practiced his skills in technology and product development in Gent at HoGent Nature & Technology. Both their visions and knowledge in creativity and technology led them to create fresh and contemporary designs.

    In 2014 the design duo decided that Sjoerd would continue their vision on his own under the name Vroonland. In his new studio in Amsterdam he works on the success stories of his label as well as new designs and interesting projects and collaborations worldwide.

  • Soepel Products

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    Soepel Products consists of Felix van de Veerdonk and Siem Stinesen. Two fresh thinking product designers who's collaboration originated in Arnhem.

    With an ever expanding personal workshop as their headquarters, the two are able to go through all the possible stages of the production process. From ideating and brainstorming to drawings, crafts and assembly: they are in complete, creative and technical control. As a result, each of their products is a direct outcome of their combined minds, and is made into a reality by their personal involvement throughout each step.

    Because of Siem and Felix's mainly technical background, they focus on the quality and practical solution in their products, and they drive each other mad over the tiniest details. The first result of their approach is the dresser 'Raduis'.

  • Soonsalon

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    Our designs are not only designed to make everyday life more comfortable and beautiful, many also have the unique ability to put a smile upon your face and might even raise a giggle!

    But what is 'design'? The English word comes from the Latin word 'designare' meaning 'to draw'. That's how great design starts – with a pencil and eraser. There are many different definitions of design, and just as many, if not more, different opinions of design....Soonsalon is of the opinion that design must touch and provoke something.We also believe it should stimulate your senses and have a worthy story behind it too.

    A design has to be really special and, if necessary, crawl an extra mile over live coals to live in our Soonsalon! A product should be functional and attractive.

    You'll find Soonsalon products all over the world, from Iceland to Japan, from the USA to New Zealand and many others. However, if you don't want to travel to avail yourself of our wonderful items, we are more than happy to deliver any of our products to you in the comfort of your home.

  • Sotine

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    Annelotte Vos is the woman behind SOTINE, a label that expresses itself in handmade jewelry. Jewelry that is designed out of her natural strength and authenticity. The inspiration that lies at the basis ofSOTINE is nature, culture, history and the origin of the material.The collections carry the personality and expertise of the jewellery maker itself, a modern woman looking for challenges and discoveries. Annelotte works towards innovation in form, material and placement of the jewelry.

  • Spijkers en Spijkers

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    Those two blond ladies are the identical twins Riet and Truus Spijkers (Hardenberg NL, 1970). Their love for the colourful geometric Memphis movement from the 80-ies is translated into the fashion label called SiS. Their other, high end, fashion label “Spijkers en Spijkers” is geared towards the self-assured, modern woman, that’s just how we see the twins. The status of women has undergone a radical change, but the sisters believe there is still sufficient emancipatory work to be done. The dress forms the core of every Spijkers en Spijkers collection. These are sophisticated and functional, of a graphic nature and perfectly cut to the female figure of every size. Try one on and find your feminine side.

  • Staring back at me

    See Images

    Edith van Kan is an Amsterdam based designer working under the brand name STARING BACK AT ME ACCESSORIES. She has been working on new series necklaces called “ Repetition” like in her first series; Edith has designed handmade statement wearables. The shapes are geometrical and the works have a clean look. The use of different colours, materials and texture is characteristic for STARING BACK AT ME ACCESSORIES.
    Back to basics in its purest form.

    The necklaces are made of Durat, resin, ceramic, gold-plated pins, rope.

  • Statement Jewels

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    Before materializing as unique, one-of-a-kind precious objects, these hand-crafted jewellery pieces started out as story fragments. Melody-wisps from a musical instrument maker’s symphony of exotic woods. Ancient rhymes glinting from old-mine cut gems. Songs from Sirens washing pearls and corals in waves. Until along came two tall, story-telling Dutchmen, lit up by laughter, driven onwards by passion. One a jeweller expert-connoisseur; one an outstanding goldsmith – together friends and colleagues for over twenty years. Now they have a new story to tell.

    It’s called The Amsterdam Collection by Statement Jewels – a range of jewellery conceived of and crafted, by hand, from start to finish, in the historic centre of Amsterdam. By up cycling painstakingly-selected elements of jewels who had forgotten how to gleam, and combining these with bright, new, consciously-mined golds, Mart van Drunen and Frederik Bakker meld past and present into future. Each one-off piece is uniquely signed and numbered and hand-engraved with a vertical triple-x; the defining symbol of Amsterdam. Welcome into our story.

  • Studio Friso

  • Studio Job

    See Images

    Prime movers in contemporary applied art Soulmates Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel founded Studio Job in 2000. This studio in the Renaissance spirit is where traditional and modern techniques are combined to produce once-in-a-lifetime objects. In Studio Job, craftsmanship is more important than quantity and extreme designs take precedence over middle-of-the road options. Job Smeets: “We want to build up an oeuvre, not score a few hits.” Nynke Tynagel: “Our work is becoming increasingly expressive and our approach increasingly experimental.”
    They started the studio after graduating from the Dutch Design Academy in Eindhoven; in the fifteen years since then, they have developed into the contemporary pioneers of personal expression. Technique, science and ornamental designs come together in Studio Job’s examples of Gesamtkunstwerk.
    Job Smeets likes to call their style ‘New Gothic’, with perfectionism and uniqueness as its key features. Nynke Tynagel talks of a symphony orchestra where a cohesive piece of music is created from an abundance of different sounds. For a good twenty-five guilds are represented in Studio Job’s lab, from traditional craftsmen such as sculptors, furniture makers, painters and specialists in casting bronze or making stained-glass windows to modern professionals who are adept with lasers and 3D printing.
    Works by Studio Job can be found in more than forty museums around the world. For Lensvelt they designed the Job Office series, stark and brightly colored pieces of furniture (and a lamp), all featured by striking accessories in gold.

  • Studio Molen

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    Frederik Molenschot (the Netherlands, 1981) is a graduate of the renowned Design Academy in Eindhoven and part of the internationally acclaimed Dutch Design movement. Molenschot founded Studio Molen in 2005 and has been working with a group of talented professionals in the field of art and design ever since.

    Studio Molen works on sculptural projects: from site-specific designs to autonomous works of art. The studio works on projects such as public art commissions, interiors for restaurants, design concepts for buildings and unique light sculptures. However varying these projects are, the common thread running through them is a deep interest in the artificial and natural elements of our surroundings, in public space, the context of a place and the interaction with its users.

    Studio Molen is well known for its monumental bronze light sculptures, which, inspired by city lights and the night sky, visualize a vision of a future city. These sculptures, and many other projects of Studio Molen, have been acquired by art collectors worldwide and have been shown at international art fairs and exhibitions.

  • Suit’d Suits

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    You’ve carefully composed your interior, but how about your electric sockets? Erik Boogerd was fed up with beige plastic outlets, and decided to develop some that matched - and maybe even enhanced - his interior.

    Suit’d Suits are universal applicable wall furnishings that easily fit around a standard outlet or light knob by simply removing the outer plastic part. It’s done in less than two minutes. We bet it costs you longer to decide which color ceramic to choose, or maybe go for a Delft Blue socket? We are proud to tell you they have been hand painted by retired artisans of genuine Delft Blue. Made in Holland, suits every socket.

  • Teym

    See Images

    After a lifelong – and eternally unsolved – quest for super functional, yet high-end classics without an astronomically high price tag, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Under the creative supervision of Maxime Cartens we design products that are truly born out of need. With our three big pillars in mind – simplistic design, great quality and honest production – Teym creates your new favourites. One piece at a time, eventually leading to an impeccable wardrobe.

    When we started working on our perfect parka – launched in 2015 – we devoted an entire year to find the best fabrics Italy had to offer, endlessly researching the ideal hardware pieces and going on numerous cycling trips through thunderstorms to test the prototype’s water resistance. After the parka’s success, we have now launched our laptop bags

  • The Dutch Hatter

    See Images

    We’d like to introduce to you Armando Kitoko. Most people call him ‘hat’, because he always wears one. Since 2015 he is The Dutch Hatter, bringing elegant headwear to our town. His hats are inspired by the twenties to the sixties and originate from African roots.

    Like Armando himself, who was born in Congo. Did you know there are Congolese people who live off their sense of style and flamboyance, called sapeurs? Armando comes from a long line of sapeurs, and we are very happy he brings his heritage to X Bank, and to you. Top of your look with a genuine Dutch Hatter.

  • Thier & van Daalen

    See Images

    Studio Thier&vanDaalen, a design studio based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands since mid 2011.Ruben en Iris share their fascination of colours, structures and the transience of nature and translate this in a simple and almost minimalistic form language.

    The handwriting of Studio Thier&vanDaalen is spacious and has a poetic character. They create new interior objects which are in relationship with their environment. Through light, colour and reflection, sleek and transparent designs arise. In their designs they strive to a high level of aesthetics and functionality. Ruben and Iris are constantly developing new applications and searching for new techniques to use in their interior objects. As well they love to work together with traditional craftsmanships, each with their own specialization, which they apply in their own way. Their project; Round Square is a good example of this. The studio is constantly challenging itself and the people they work with. With their main goal to ‘surprise’ people over and over again. Iris van Daalen and Ruben Thier both graduated in 2010 at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

  • Thomas Eurlings

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    Thomas Eurlings (Leiden, The Netherlands, 1983) is a Dutch product and interior designer. He works as a designer for both his own label Thomas E creations, and renowned flooring manufacturer Forbo. After graduating from Eindhoven Design Academy in 2006, Thomas worked for influential names in the fashion and textile industry such as Alexander van Slobbe (orson+bodil) and Ulf Moritz (Sahco).
    In his work, Thomas examines the traditional borders between form and function. Clear, recognizable icons and forms make his work seemingly accessible. But in order to discover their essence, the observer has to look closer at the products and use his or her imagination. Recurring themes are the paradoxes of functional decoration and industrial originality. Thomas lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

  • Tiftix

    See Images

    Tiftix is founded by Vincent Coenen and Osman Asoglu in 2007, to bring objects –mainly rug,
    lightening, old ethnic furniture-manufactured with old technics into contemporary interior.
    Rug concept of Tiftix is based on re-using vintage Anatolian rugs, by bleaching and dying.
    All items are produced with labour intensive technics which is important for unique look.
    Ligtening concept of Tiftix is produced with a historical manual technic called stained-glass
    work which is done by handcraftmen in a small atelier in Istanbul.

  • Tim van de Weerd

    See Images

    Designer Tim van de Weerd has specialised himself in bringing together the unexpected and the familiar. Every piece of furniture or object must evoke the imagination and play with expectations; the imagery must always be recognisable and surprising. This is embodied in the Monstera and the Carnivora.

  • TouchéToday

    See Images

    TouchéToday is an accessory label that combines a fashion feeling with 3D print. Directed by trend
    forecaster Antoinette van den Berg, the lady in blue . With her outstanding blue hair she is a radiant personality, just like her collection in which she combines that what seems to be a contradiction into unique items. This makes her collection as well chique and classy as well street and cool. By wearing her jewels you will feel her motto: “Lust for life, celebrate life, and make it even more beautiful with fashion and accessories the finishing touch of each look”. TouchéToday is a label for people that dares to be unique.

  • Travelteq

    See Images

    Focused on creating the perfect briefcase and other luggage icons for the modern business traveler, we believe function, quality and style can go hand in hand. By our modern take on business we are able to offer high quality travel gear for a fair price. We are based in Amsterdam, produce in Italy and our customers live all over the world. We aim high with a lot of passion for product, honest approach to business and ambition to make only the best product in each category of travel luggage.

  • United Nude

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    This footwear fashion might look Asian to you. Wrong. It comes from the land of wooden shoes, but luckily has evolved tremendously since then. These shoes are based on architecture and traditional shoe tailoring, result of the symbiosis between Rem D Koolhaas (nephew to starchitect Rem Koolhaas of OMA) and Galahad JD Clark (seventh generation heir to the British shoemaking dynasty Clark’s). You’ll see heels in the form of an Eames chair, never ending möbius-rings, made of carbon or 3D printed. It’s so outspoken that even Lady Gaga falls for them, yet so wearable you can cover Amsterdam cobble stone streets.

  • Van Der Borne

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    Anna Hegeman, founder at Van der Borne, graduated with a double masters degree from both Copenhagen Business School and the prestigious private University Bocconi in Milan. After several internships in fashion design (Robert Geller NY) and PR (People's Revolution NY) in New York she moved back to Amsterdam and started working at The Netherlands Institute for Design and Fashion. At the same time she founded Van der Borne and after 2 years of working for the label part-time she started working on it full time and took the brand abroad, with a PR agency in Denmark and participating at Fashion Weeks in London and Copenhagen.

    When designing, Van der Borne believes in the process, in taking time to perfect, in trial and error, in achieving something unexpected.

    We believe in luxury, in the wealth of sustainable materials, and in the beauty revealed over time when experiencing a product... like a beautiful woman growing old gracefully."

  • Van Heesch Design

    See Images

    Designer Bart van Heesch (1968) from Amsterdam, graduated Eindhoven Design Academy in 1994. He worked for the famous designer Ulf Moritz and collaborates with different companies as Philips (consumer), Bosch, Hunter Douglas (luxaflex), Sywawa (parasols), The European Copper Institute and has his own label "van heesch design", Design gallery Chamber nyc, Manhattan, Fasion label Anthropologie, Part of the Interni-event fuorisalone Milano 2015.

    As a designer I like to follow and play with questions in general. Eventually the answers will come naturally. As for the bike I was always fascinated by bicycles because of it's easy way of transport and that it makes you independent and healthy. All you need is a bit of your own strength and there you go! That's what makes me happy!

  • Van Verre

    See Images

    Van Verre explores the world to find treasures; handmade crafts that carry the power of centuries of savoir-faire. In our collection you will find beautiful, colourful and inspiring items. The designs are powerful and therefore timeless; the products have been produced by many generations. VAN VERRE aims to preserve cultural heritage and artisanal handicrafts by establishing long-term relationships between craftspeople, retailers and their customers. We want to tell the story of the people and the culture behind the products. We believe in the original spirit of fair trade and we invite you to embrace our philosophy and join us in our journey of making a difference.

  • VANDORST1968

    See Images

    More info coming soon...

  • Veloretti

    See Images

    No place that shows the best of the Dutch, can go without a bicycle. So we present to you Ferry Zonder, founder of Veloretti. When he moved to Amsterdam and was in need of a bike, he was surprised to find limited options. To expensive, lack of quality or extremely damn ugly.

    That’s when he used all of his savings to set up Veloretti, a brand that makes timeless retro looking lightweight city bicycles for a fair price. Especially for X Bank he composed a signature setup in mystical green with white rims. Plus a copper bell and a cargo rack, according to the Dutch the most important features of a bike.

  • Vinoos

    See Images

    VINOOS BY AMS creates edible wine as Real WINE Gums, literally! A totally new and exclusive Dutch Design
    inspired by wine, art, storytelling and social responsibility. Available are a white Chardonnay, a Rosé wine and a
    red Merlot. Not a candy for children, but an adult luxury happiness for the extraordinary market.
    The concept was started in the world of design. One of the founders developed it at the Academy of Arts in
    Amsterdam. The Real WINE Gum reflects the role of wine, captured in a tiny gift box. Delivering an
    experience, inviting people to talk and being together.

    These days we pay too little attention to spending quality time with family and friends. VINOOS by AMS calls
    this: WE-Time. The essential role of wine is connecting people to communicate. It delivers an experience of all
    the senses. Wine connects. People are busy and loose their curiosity for each other. This is one of the points of
    ‘criticism’ The Real WINE Gum tries to reflect to the world. This design tries to re-connect people by packing a
    dialogue in beautiful little gift packages.

    The founders are two talented financial and creative women who share a passion for wine and believe in the
    importance of brand experience by innovative concepts. Today, wine is hip and a trendy experience for people
    and customers. Successful branding means delivering an experience that feels both complete and consistent.
    This concept has it all.

  • Von Eusersdorff

    See Images

    The name VON EUSERSDORFF echoes the historical heritage of the label’s founding ancestors. A family of German traders expert in the world-distribution of rare essences; Mastering across nearly three centuries, an artisan practice that served as the cradle for the perfume industry as we currently
    know it. Camille Henfling, the wizard behind the label’s rebirth, is a direct heir to the VON EUSERSDORFF lineage. Each unearthed fragrance is like an opus to unforgettable memories. Childhood remembrances of the heavily scented atmosphere in the apothecary of his grandfather; holidays spent exploring the rich aromatic textures inside the warehouses of his family’s plantation in Costa Rica ...or days spent wandering about the herbs and spices mills in the Netherlands.Commanding happenstance, Henfling moves to the perfume mecca city of Grasse – France to embark on a years long self tuition process that would ultimately ignite the establishment of VON EUSERSDORFF as the perfume maven it is today. With a dedicated team of skilled laboratorians, Henfling breathes new life into his ancestor’s tradition yet with a contemporary olfactory interpretation that is rooted in the 21st century.

  • Vørdings Gin

    See Images

    Born and raised in Amsterdam, Thomas Vørding studied at the Royal Academy of Arts before he started working as a photographer. Inspired by his passion for Bauhaus architecture and graphic cinematography, he combines his people knowledge with his keen eye for graphical shapes and controlled lighting.

    As a notorious gin and cocktail connoisseur he founded Vørding's Gin in 2014, as the result of his quest for the perfect gin. Starting in his kitchen he ended up with it's own perfect recipe, with toasted cedar wood as the ideal addition. Later he designed the bottle and label, and picked the best premium natural cork he could find to give his gin its signature packaging. This cedar wood infused dry gin is now being served and sold in premium bars and stores both national and international.

  • Vroonland

    See Images

    The collection of design label Vroonland is reminiscent of authentic design treasures – it reflects both what they used to be and what they still are today. The innovative designs are inspired by classic compositions from design history and are created using the materials, techniques and forms that we all know. From the archetypal saddle to the antique clothespin, Vroonland uses the best features of time-honoured design and finds new ways to apply them.
    The strength of the products from Vroonland lies in the encounter between materials. Between framework and lampshade, between table and leg, the materials are uncompromised and the line of work can be clearly seen. Instead of hiding all the technical detailing, the designer focuses on the beauty of structure. The result is as sober as it is poetic and makes the furniture even more engaging.
    In 2010 Sjoerd Vroonland and Arjan Vaandrager started/ founded their design label after their study in Rotterdam. Sjoerd graduated at ArtEZ Academy where he specialised in product design, while Arjan practiced his skills in technology and product development in Gent at HoGent Nature & Technology. Both their visions and knowledge in creativity and technology led them to create fresh and contemporary designs.
    In 2014 the design duo decided that Sjoerd would continue their vision on his own under the name Vroonland. In his new studio in Amsterdam he works on the success stories of his label as well as new designs and interesting projects and collaborations worldwide.


    See Images

    The visual artists Nicole Driessens & Ivo van den Baar have worked together as WANDSCHAPPEN since 1999 in developing art and design. Their Feltplant Collections have been a remarkable part of their designs, since 2010. After two successful shows at the Salone del Mobile in Milano, the Feltplants have been part of projects for interior architects, fashion shows, retail commissions, and private collections all over the world. Every work of art or design has been produced in their own studio in Rotterdam Charlois, The Netherlands, with a team of dedicated artists, designers and handcrafts people from the area.

  • Welter Shelter

    See Images

    This is Welter Shelter, the all weather outerwear brand that combines functionality with fashion. Stay warm and look cool. Or as founder Peter Landa says: come hell or high water, Welter Shelter will protect you. And he ought to now as a citizen of our rain reigned Netherlands. After a November storm wrecked his 500 euro woollen winter coat, he thought: this can be done better. And he did it. WelterShelter is waterproof, windproof and breathable while taking non-descript rainwear to a high fashion level. Feel the innovative new fabrics and discover what you would not expect. You are not just buying a coat, you are acquiring protectional armour so no weather god can harm you.

  • Wynand Fockink

    See Images

    This is the origin of gin. As jenever was too difficult to pronounce, the phonetic version of the first syllable is what’s left of it. When in 1724 Wynand Fockink acquired the distillery and bar in the Pijlsteeg dating back to 1679, Amsterdam was a rich and prosperous city with a thriving liquor export industry.

    Nowadays the juniper-flavoured liquor is a bit smoother and softer than gin, and comes in famous Dutch flavours as liquorice, apple pie and anise aged on oak wood. The most traditional bottle is the stone jug with cork. It’s the national distillate of our grandfathers, yet the most consumed liquor in the Netherlands at this moment. Proost.

  • Willem’s Wermoed

    See Images

    Willem’s Wermoed is World’s first Dutch vermouth. The quest for our handcrafted vermouth began in Amsterdam's Hortus Botanicus, one of the oldest medicinal gardens in the world. Its thousands of herbs and indigenous plants inspired our signature bittersweet blend, the same way we'd like to inspire you.

    During our quest for the best ingredients we hand-picked 24 botanicals including pine tops, wild thyme and wormwood. The ingredients were craftily infused in a Spanish white wine from the Airen and Zalema grape, having aged for years on oak barrels. The perfect culmination of our exploration, yet the start of yours.

    Willem’s Wermoed is an excellent aperitif and premium base for quality mixed drinks.

  • YJLB

    See Images

    Y.J. Liot Backer is an automotive engineer who integrates different disciplines in his life. The wide vision and connections of different compartments is what creates him. Although Liot Backer is planning to work in the automotive racing industry, he still believes that all forms of design have a connection. Liot Backer is not afraid to act from different perspectives

  • YVRA 1958

    See Images

    When asked about his passion for scents, gentleman journalist Yvo van Regteretn Altena readily admits/confesses that this obsession originated with a particular area of the female anatomy, the ‘décolleté.’ His grandmother never left the house without dousing her bosom with perfume. During sleepovers, Yvo quickly learned to recognize her complete collection of classic French perfumes and the applause garnered in family circles prompted him as a teenager to divulge fragrances at parties and social gatherings while blindfolded.

    Yvo once wrote: “The more one becomes immersed in the world of fragrances, the more one realizes that the homo sapiens does not possess a highly developed sense of smell. The human olfactory mucosa is made up of only has a few million nerve cells and is the size of a fizzy medicinal tablet. However, when compared to the nose of a bloodhound, which has more than two hundred million cells or a shark that is able to detect a drop of blood in the boundless ocean, our ability seems pitiful and insignificant.

    YVRA 1958 is reminiscent of the classic, transparent, eau de cologne that dominated the sixties and seventies, but with a modern twist – more aromatic and longer lasting. Yvo: “After a long and unsettling flight. I always find it comforting to revive my senses with a familiar fragrance. It was my ambition to capture the perfect scent for this occasion in a bottle. YVRA 1958 is subtle and understated, but will add an indiscernible dimension to your natural aroma”.

  • Zenggi

    See Images

    Say goodbye to trivial issues such as time, trends and age. Zenggi founder Marian Wigger, who own awards with European fashion label Turnover, creates collections that last longer than just one season. We especially thank Marian when we’re travelling for offering the perfect solution for globetrotting women. The TRVL DRSS brand is season less and build upon the idea that travel should be easy and with carry on luggage only. Items are lightweight, crease free, wash ’n wear, drip ‘n dry, eco-friendly, made from the finest material. Effortless, feminine, suitable for both high-heel fashionista’s and tennis shoe tom boys. Glamour in less than no time. Enjoy your travels.


    See Images

    Linger in a hotel at home. Zenology is an indie lifestyle company committed to bringing hotel luxury to the private house. Founder Jeroen Oude Sogtoen changed focus from fashion to interior design and created the concept for The College Hotel in Amsterdam. Whilst creating an amenity line for this boutique hotel, he started his own brand Zenology. These sensible, quality beauty and lifestyle products nourish the skin; restore the body, glam up an interior or yourself. Respectful of nature, balanced with design. The most sensitive noses at X Bank picked out the best scents. Smell it and get that jetset feeling.



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X Bank

X Bank

X BANK is a 700 m2 hybrid store in the center of Amsterdam presenting the most comprehensive collection of predominantly Dutch fashion, art and design in the world.

X BANK presents collections, events, and programs from fashion, design, and artistic talent. By providing a local and international platform for artists, designers, and creators, we present the new Dutch D.N.A — one that is local and global. A clear reflection of the creative industry today. Our main objective is to supply the public with access to unique products and programming year round.

W Amsterdam

X Bank

W Hotels is a contemporary, design-led lifestyle brand and the industry innovator with 46 hotels and retreats, including 18 W-branded residences, in the most vibrant cities and exotic destinations around the world. Inspiring, iconic, innovative and influential, W Hotels provides the ultimate in insider access, offering a unique mix of cutting-edge design and passions around fashion, music and entertainment. W Hotels offers a holistic lifestyle experience that is integrated into the brand’s sensibility through contemporary restaurant concepts, glamorous entertainment experiences, stylish retail concepts, signature spas and inspiring residences.

For more information click here

The Vault

X Bank

X BANK’s 70 m2 high tech Vault is a fully adaptable space with modern capabilities for any board meeting, conference, opening, party or intimate event. Our meetings & events team are able to personalize your event no matter how big or small your request.

For more information please contact at events@xbank.amsterdam



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X Bank

Looking for a new job?  X BANK is looking for motivated and driven people like you! Always wanted to work in fashion, art & design? For one of Amsterdam’s most unique concept stores? This is your chance!



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